Telenor SMS Deal 50

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2,00 BGN

Comfortable and discreet communication through SMS

50 SMS to numbers from the Telenor mobile network

Communicate with ease and speed any time with the service SMS. Activate SMS add-on with your plan by choosing Telenor SMS Deal add-on suitable to your needs.

The SMS add-ons are available to all corporate customers, using business plans with no text messages included. 

Всички цени са без ДДС.


In order to activate an additional SMS package, visit any store from the Telenor commercial network, contact your consultant or ask here. (link)

As for a single SIM card/number, only one additional SMS package may be activated.

For new SIM cards, the additional SMS package is activated by signing a contract for mobile services. The activation comes into force with the activation of the respective SIM card, for which the additional SMS add-on has been selected.

For existing customers, the additional SMS package is activated by approval of the respective Application request, which follows a specific format and is submitted to Telenor. The activation comes into force up to 7 working days after the approval of the Application request.



The unused included short text messages from a running accounting period are not transferred for use in the next period.

For the period from the time of activation of the additional package, until the time of issuing of the first invoice for used services, a proportional part of the price of the respective package is charged, and a proportional part of the included short text messages is used.

At modification of the used additional SMS package, as well as at termination of the Frame contract or of the contract for mobile services, the unused text messages for the respective SIM cards/numbers, for which the modification/termination applies, are lost. The proportional part of the package price until the end of the accounting period is payable in full amount.

The price of the selected package is payable by each SIM card/number for every accounting period, during which the package is active, and it is paid regardless of whether short text messages have been sent from the respective SIM card/number or not.

The included text messages in a respective package are valid for the SIM card/number, which uses such a package, for a single accounting period.


The use of the selected additional SMS package may be terminated in one of the following ways:

• By a written request, following a specific format, issued by the OPERATOR, in which the SIM card/mobile number is noted, with respect to which the use of the additional SMS package is being terminated;

• Automatically by terminating a contract/s for mobile services, for mobile number/s, for which the additional SMS package is activated and used. 


The prices and conditions for data and voice transmission refer to the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. If you generate traffic in roaming, charging and billing are according to Telenor prices and conditions for roaming services.