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You haven’t tried yet?

You can do it now

with a free trial month

One month free trial now through MyTelenor app
If you like it, continue your registration for 6,99 BGN/month
You pay with your monthly bill

Be among the first ones to be aware of the upcoming HBO GO movies, TV shows, concerts premiers and special events. On this webpage you can find an up-to-date information, photos, movie trailers and ‘behind the scenes’ video.

The premieres in in August 2018

Ballers IV
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The Big Bang Theory III-IV
All I See Is You
Daddy's Home 2

Watch the video

Watch Vuzvishenie in

Watch the video

Coming soon

Watch the video

When we were just kids, things in our daily life were different. A few favorite toys, several favorite games, a few favorite movies for children. And we were waiting.

And the main question was: When will my favorite movie finally start?

HBO answers to the children of today with:
- Your favorite movie starts whenever you want
- Wow, and how’s that?

HBO GO gives you an access to a special Kids section full of favorite children movies and animations.

In this section your kid will enjoy with:
1. Over 500 hours of movies and series for kids from 0 to 18 years old
2. All the shows can be watched subbed in Bulgarian – the foreign languages are important but the fun is even more important
3. A Parental control function – because,as you know, parents should have the last word

And the fun is ready to begin with the HBO GO application.

And how exactly you keep things under your control?

With the Parental control function which you have activated through the application.

We have thought about everything. Now, look:
Every HBO GO show has a specified age for witch it is appropriate
The parents activate the Parental control and by doing this they select the age of the child. Thus the child will watch only movies that are appropriate for her/his age.
And if the child tries to watch a movie which is not appropriate for her/him, the HBO GO application will ask for a password for deactivating the Parental control

That’s it. Clear, colorful, fun.

Just as kids like it.

“For the little ones”

Masha and The Bear
Paw Patrol
The Smurfs

“For the older ones”

LEGO Ninjago
The Penguins of Madagascar

“Disney favourites”

Cars 3
Lilo & Stitch
Toy Story


Spy Kids
Kung Fu Panda
Ninja Turtles

How to activate HBO GO?

HBO GO is online service for video streaming. Thanks to it and to our mobile network you can enjoy watching movies and series with high quality through your device.

In order to get access to HBO GO you need to choose an appropriate postpaid plan or add-on with included access to the service.

Условията са валидни за клиенти, ползващи абонаментен план за мобилни услуги, с включени в плана MB, без достъп до HBO GO, които към датата на активиране на Добави HBO GO, включително, не са ползвали допълнителен пакет с достъп до HBO GO и към същата дата не използват абонаментен план с достъп до HBO GO.
Възможно е възползване от тестовия период за услугата без заплащане само веднъж за един мобилен номер (SIM карта).
При описаните условия и активиране на допълнителен пакет HBO GO се предоставя един месец тестови период за услугата без да се заплаща, след което се начислява стандартен месечен абонамент за допълнителния пакет: 6,99 лв./мес.
Възползвалите се абонати ще бъдат информирани с кратко текстово съобщение (SMS), преди изтичане на тестовия период.
Тестовият период е за един месец от датата на активация, независимо от датата на фактуриране по абонаментния план за мобилни услуги.
Пакетът може да бъде деактивиран по всяко време без неустойка.
Достъпът до услугата е предмет на регистрация в приложението HBO GO или през уебсайта на услугата, може да се ползва в зона ЕС и изразходва от пакета МВ, включени в абонаментния план. Във връзка с влизане в сила на Регламент 2017/1128 на ЕС за трансграничната преносимост на услугите за онлайн съдържание в рамките на вътрешния пазар, от 1 април 2018г., услугата HBO GO ще бъде достъпна за ползване на територията на зона ЕС.

Postpaid plans with access to HBO GO

If the access to the HBO GO service is included in your postpaid plan declare your unique registration code in one of the following ways:

via your mobile device on turbo.lp.telenor.bg
with sending a free SMS to 1414 with text HBOGO3
through MyTelenor web portal
Through the mobile application MyTelenor

Upon successful activation you will receive SMS containing unique 10-digit registration code. With this code you must register in the HBO GO application or through the service’s webside:www.hbogo.bg

See the plans for smartphone See the plans for tablet and laptop

ADD-ONS with access to HBO GO

If you buy an add-on with access to the HBO GO service you will receive SMS containing your unique 10-digit registration code upon the activation. With this code you must register in the HBO GO application or through the service’s webside: www.hbogo.bg

See the add-ons for smartphone See the add-ons for tablet and laptop

Registration for access to HBO GO

The registration requires the unique registration code that the coustomer has received upon the activation. Once you have received your registration code you can register following the steps below:


Download the HBO GO application on your device or visit www.hbogo.bg


Select “Sign up with a provider” to go to the next registration step.


For making new registration select “You don’t have an HBO GO account yet?”.


Select Telenor as your HBO GO service provider.


Enter your activation code in the “Registration code” field. You can get it with free SMS sending to 1414 with text HBGO3 or with visiting my.telenor.bg.


Enter an actual email and password you are going to use to access your account, as well as a nickname associated with the application functionalities.


At the email you have used for registration you will receive a conformation for successful information.

In case you forget or lose your code you can get a new one by sending a SMS to 1414 with the text “HBOGO”

The HBO GO service is not provided by Telenor, but by a third-party – HBO Bulgaria SPLTD.
In this regard Telenor is not responsible for the availability of the application or its content.
The number of devices that you can register in order to use HBO GO service is up to 5 (five) and you can watch on up to 2 devices simultaneously. The traffic from HBO GO will be deducted from the monthly included MB on maximum speed.

The HBO GO service is for personal use. The usage and the distribution of the HBO GO service for any commercial or public purposes are totally forbidden.

The access to the service is subject to registration in the application HBO GO or through the service’s website, can be used within EU Zone and depletes from the MB package in your postpaid plan. In relation to the entry into force of the EU Regulation 2017/1128 of the cross-border portability of the online content services within the internal market as of 1st of April 2018 the HBO GO service will be available for use in the territory of the EU zone.

To be able to watch the HBO GO content apart from having activated the access to the service you need to use a device that is connected to the Internet and supports the application.

Check whether your devices are among those that support HBO GO:


Operating system

Android Phones, Android Tablets (Android 4.4 or later version).

HBO GO does not support devices that have been subject of unauthorized software interference.


Operating system

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and through the application Airplay (iOS or later version).

Devices that have been subject of unauthorized software interference are not supported.

Windows Phone

Operating system

As of 12th February 2016 Windows Phone does not support HBO GO.


Windows with SP2 and later versions.

Smart TVs

Samsung ( Orsay, Tizen)
LG ( NetCAST, WebOS 1.0, 2.0, 3.0)


Apple TV 3/4
Play Station 3/4