5G tests for better tomorrow

What is 5G

5G is the next-generation mobile network which will throw open the doors to novel experiences and innovations thanks to its potential for faster, real-time transfer of ever growing data volumes. What makes fifth generation networks vastly different from anything we have seen so far is their high efficiency in transmitting large data volumes, their varied application across a broad range of fields and industries and the expected energy efficiency and extended battery life of new-generation devices.

Here is an example. Have you noticed that when streaming a football match on your mobile device you experience a slight lag in image and sound compared to live TV? With 5G networks this lag will remain in the past. Thanks to high data transfer speeds and drastically reduced latency, 5G networks will create new opportunities for self-driving cars, telemedicine, virtual reality and will transform these innovations into a natural part of our everyday lives.

From 2G to 5G

Each new leap in mobile communication technologies opens up new opportunities. The ambitions of the 5G network is to build on existing technologies and create conditions for a better future based on cutting-edge, intelligent solutions and services.

Mass use of mobile telephones

Mobile telephones
Internet access via telephone
New services such as video calls and VoIP

Internet access, streaming, HD video, cloud services and other types of data exchange
Mass use of smartphones and applications

Internet access, streaming, HD video, cloud services, industrial networks
Fast and reliable communication and connectivity between different types of networks and devices (IoT, Network Slicing)

Telenor and 5G

On 01.07.2019 Telenor obtained permission from the Communications Regulation Commission for temporary use of a 100MHz bandwidth in the 3.6 GHz range.

This allows us to test and demonstrate some of the features of the new 5G technology at designated events in cooperation with different institutions, businesses and users. More people will thus be able to experience the new technologies and practical applications of 5G networks. For the purpose of these events, Telenor will build a 5G test network and connections in several cities across the country, combining data transfer via optical cables, new generation radio-relay access and other elements of our existing network.

Telenor’s 5G testing equipment

Network equipment

Telenor 5G Fixed equipment

5G Fixed equipment

Fixed 5G equipment, installed in an existing receiver station, operated by Telenor. Once the 5G equipment is installed, optical connectivity is established to the mobile 5G cell site. A high-tech 5G active antenna unit (AAU) is used to ensure full deployment of 5G potential.

Telenor 5G equipment in mobile transceiver station

5G equipment in mobile transceiver station

Mobile station with AAU (active antenna unit) and new generation relay transmission allowing full unleashing of 5G potential.

User equipment

360° camera

360° camera

Professional 8K 360-degree camera produced by the leading manufacturer Insta360. The 5G technology allows optimal use of camera‘s capabilities in real time.

VR goggles

VR goggles

HTC Vive Pro augmented and virtual reality goggles for spectacular demonstration of 5G capabilities.

5G Routers

5G Routers

The 5G router allows connection of your home or office to the 5G network.

5G smartphone

5G smartphone

5G smartphones allow innovative multi-media entertainment such as VR streaming and cloud gaming thanks to the high speeds and rapid reaction times offered by 5G.

5G tests

5G tests and healthcare

On 22 July 2019 Telenor tested the application of 5G in healthcare during an actual medical examination. The experiment was inspired by a real-case scenario – leading doctors from Pirogov Hospital regularly visit one of the regional hospitals in Haskovo in order to carry out medical examinations and provide consultations to patients in collaboration with local medical experts.

For the purposes of the experiment, connectivity was established between 3 locations in Bulgaria – 2 in Sofia and 1 in Haskovo, using 5G connection between Sofia and Haskovo.

A remote medical examination was performed on a patient located in Haskovo while the doctors were stationed in Sofia. Using a combination of 5G connectivity, optical connectivity, virtual reality goggles and a 360-degree camera, the doctors established a live connection and carried out a medical exam and consultation with the patient. The exam was performed by Prof. Asen Baltov, executive director of Pirogov Hospital, who was, at that time, based in front of Telenor’s building in Sofia, Prof. Dian Enchev from his office in the hospital, and Dr. Asen Medzhidiev in Haskovo.

The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the extent to which the 5G network can be integrated in a pivotal sphere such as medicine and to guarantee the necessary connectivity capabilities, reliable connection speed and image streaming.

User test

Another application of the 5G technology tested and demonstrated by Telenor was 5G connectivity. The participants tested 5G speeds via a 5G smartphone, using the available data transfer service to achieve high-speed internet access and high-quality video content. Simultaneous streaming via HD and 4K channels was also demonstrated with the help of 5G end devices, as well as 1Gbps speeds through the mobile network.


Thanks to the 5G technology, the near future is expected to bring online gaming applications eliminating the need for fast, highly specialised gaming computers. Online gaming will be available via cloud services, internet and telephone. To this end, we have already tested 5G network capabilities for this type of gaming.

5G tests and education

Тhe second test of 5G and its application in the field of mentoring was held on 8th of August. The event investigated the opportunities for remote mentoring and coaching in the field of culinary arts.

The demonstration was performed in two locations – Sofia and Burgas. The special guest of the Burgas event, Mr Andre Tokev, attempted, with the help of 5G, to supervise and tutor amateur chefs. These chefs cooked for selected patrons at Andre’s restaurant ANDRe.

The group of amateur chefs was split into 3 teams of 2 participants each.

Ana Dinkova: an expert in corporate communications and digital marketing with combined experience of over 20 years. Co-founder of trinitix – a digital marketing agency. Freelance author for several media outlets.

Alexander Bogoyavlenski: Professional pilot, journalist and consultant in the field of corporate and digital marketing and communications with more than 25 years of experience in the media environment, public relations, information technologies and aviation.

Valia Karadzhova: Graduate of the National Academy of Music with bassoon and piano. She currently works in a beauty salon. Proud owner of a golden retriever.

Nikola Balov: Has been writing about technologies for almost 15 years. Defines himself as a tech blogger and as the man who did not win Masterchef only because he never auditioned.

Anna Uzunova: Journalist by education, founder of the cult Ku-Ku show on BNT. Now living up to her calling as a jewellery designer and the owner of a small boutique in the centre of Sofia.

Mihail Dyuzev: Proud member of the Darik Radio family for over 18 years, first as a newsman, and, for the last 10 years, as presenter for the radio’s morning show, Darik Coffee.

5G and entertainment

Experience yet another 5G application: entertainment. What better example than the live streaming of an event or concert you wish to attend but are unable to? To test these capabilities and as part of the 5G Tests for a Better Future series, Telenor did live stream a concert by Orlin Pavlov which took place on 28 August 2019 at the Rowing Canal in Plovdiv.

For all fans who couldn't make it to Plovdiv, Telenor streamed the concert live via 5G technology at a free event in Zaimov Park, Sofia, and in the MyTelenor application. Thanks to the new technology, all who opt to watch the stream enjoyed excellent sound and picture. To further enhance the experience, Telenor provided all guests with VR goggles delivering 360° live image of the Plovdiv concert. In this way, viewers were able to ‘watch’ the concert both through the eyes of the performer and through the eyes of the audience. To make things even better, park visitors could sample the special 5G Demo Zones – gaming, simultaneous streaming via 16 HD and 4К channels.

For all technology enthusiasts, Telenor seted up an exhibition stand at the concert venue – the Rowing Canal in Plovdiv. Prior to the concert, the stand showcased 5G telephones, offering attendees the opportunity to personally test certain 5G capabilities – gaming and speed tests.

Coming soon...

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At this stage Telenor is able, only on a temporary basis, to use a designated frequency bandwidth to test 5G technology. With the commercial launch of the new technology, Telenor will begin to offer 5G devices.

Telenor organises free events to demonstrate the new 5G technology. Follow our official pages for more information.

Battery life under the new technology is expected to be extended.