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Business Bulletin integrates innovative data processing and language technologies, text mining semantic modeling, multilingual clustering, summarisation methods and machine translation. Graze’s platform which provides Business Bulletin service constitutes a complete end-to-end Big Data solution that can be configured to support the data processing needs of your organisation. The platform can be easily integrated within the data management solutions software of your company.

Business Bulletin platform

Via Business Bulletin every new piece of information similar in the context of your business will reach you on a mobile device or a desktop instantaneously. The content comes from the media stream, social media, industry discussion forums, blogs, corporate websites and other high-volume data.

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The platform queries 1840 information channels, providing 31 000 articles totalling 15 500 000 words daily, runs search through Google and Bing search engines every 30 min, performs Twitter search with 350 000 tweets per minute. It then runs linguistic analysis on the search results to provide you with content concerning your business in realtime.

Gaining knowledge

the collected information can be further analysed, explored and turned into a business asset:the collected content is indexed for full reference and search capabilities;
reputation management tools process content to show the company’s standing;
statistics in Graze show the dynamics of the relations between enterprises and topics over periods of time;
algorithms for event detection, prediction, decision making can be implemented and run upon request;

Contextualise content

You contribute personally as you build your topics of interest to target information related to your specific business needs. Business Bulletin widens the scope to include data about trends, markets and scientific achievements within your industry.

Crossing language barriers

Business Bulletin runs a search for your content from data in languages that you do not speak. The news life stream gets translated automatically by the solution to give you direct access to all information on the spot.

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Highlights for the past 72 hours
News sorted by regions and topics of interest
The most important news
Statistics on your company’s reputation, competitors and followers on social media
Statistics on the most popular companies and opinion dynamics
Statistics on the most active information providers and popular entities
All the news in figures

Statistics and analysis on mentions of entities in the media and the web for a timespan of 24 hours, 48 hours, a week or a month.

List of news related to the defined keywords for this topic.

Publication date
News source
Topics of interest related to the news item
Hyperlink to the original article
People, companies and organisations mentioned in the news item
List of related news
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To add a topic, open the navigation bar and click on +Add new topic or open the menu and click on Topics of interest
Аdd keywords and phrases specific for your topic and press Enter
To add companies or organisations as keywords, type the name and click on the suggestions below
To search in Twitter follow the keyword format: #hashtag, @mentions, :from, $word
To hone in on a specific topic, add another set of keywords. Every news item will then contain at least one word from each group of keywords.
To filter the information by industry, click on its checkbox.
To search the entire web do not select industry
Click on Save

Select Topics of interest from the menu
All available topics will appear. Below the topic title there is an extract from the latest news item from that topic
To edit profile settings click on the edit icon
Change the title of the topic in the first section
Change keywords and phrases and press Enter to save it
Companies or organisations are in grey colour, Twitter keywords are in blue
Add keywords to exclude content with these words in the third section
Click on Save to apply changes.

Select Industries from the Menu
You will see a list of all the available industries
Below the industry title you can see all topics in that industry
To select an industry, click on the title and its colour will change from black to red. Click again to deselect the industry
You can choose a maximum of 3 industries

Use the filter to find news on a specific subject. You can search news on a certain subject related to an existing topic by selecting a topic from the navigation bar.
To filter the news stream, select Filter from the closed navigation bar. Type a keyword in the text box and click Save.
A list of news items on the specific subject will be generated

Search by words or phrases - type a word or phrase in the search bar and click on the magnifier icon
Search by words or phrases for period of time by clicking on the magnifier icon on the right side of the news list
Search for the most important news. Click on the news articles in the section
Search by region - select the number of news items on the map for a region of your interest
Search for news about your company and competitors. Click on the names in the pie chart Me & My competitors to see the news list
Search for news on the most popular companies by clicking on the names in the Opinion Board on the Dashboard

Select My account from the Menu. Click on a language to select or deselect it. Selected anguages are marked with a +, deselected languages are marked with a -.

Select My account from the Menu. Selected topics are marked with a with a +, deselected topics are marked with a -. Click on a topic to select or deselect it.

Choose a Topic and click on the icon # on the right next to the news list to get a list of updates from social media. Click on the icon # again to switch back to reading news on the Topic.

Click on the icon Reports and Statistics on the right to run statistics on the current list of news. Click on the icon # again to switch back to reading news on the Topic.

Business Bulletin is offered as a service with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
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