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You have been operating in several cities and do not have an aggregated fixed telephony solution, you have recently noticed poor customer service, you lack information about the flow of customers trying to contact your company, and you do not have the ability to monitor your employees who are responsible for the communication channels in your organization.

You know that buying or changing a PBX is a costly investment and requires large initial resources, followed by monthly maintenance and upgrading costs.

We offer you Cloud PBX from Telenor. It upgrades the standard fixed-line telephony solution, plus all functionalities are provided by equipment that does not need to be purchased, housed and maintained at your expense, but in our data centers, where we guarantee extremely high security level. In addition, you get a user-friendly interface through which you can manage the functionality of the service, internal users, IVR messages, groups of numbers, report types, call records and time zones, automate outbound campaigns to your customers and receive statistics for all calls.

With Cloud PBX, you can save initial investments, following maintenance costs and ensure a smooth workflow and business continuity. You get advanced functionalities, not necessarily changing the already established phone structure and usage practice. The service is realized without IT experts and equipment, and it works via web, IP or software phone.

With Cloud PBX, you use a comprehensive solution from one service provider, giving you the flexibility that suits your needs and requirements. And because we know that time is one of the most important assets of an organization, we offer easy and quick activation of the service.

Choosing a functional pack suitable for your needs;
No maintenance costs
No initial investment or colocation
No need for technical knowledge
Attractive subscription plan and additional minutes package
Opportunity to purchase Telenor IP telephones
Software embedded in a browser
Android mobile app and user-friendly web interface
Ability to integrate with your internal systems.

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

За повече информация относно цените и параметрите на услугата може да се свържете с Вашия търговски представител, да отправите запитване тук или в модул Бизнес приложения в Бизнес портала тук.

The Cloud PBX not only upgrades all known features of the physical PBX, but it also allows it to be used without changing your current telephone structure and has a convenient interface through which you can manage the settings by yourself. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to save on the purchase and maintenance of expensive equipment, which is amortized.

It is only necessary to have guaranteed internet connection.

Yes, Cloud PBX gives you advanced features, while keeping your phone structure unchanged. After switching to Cloud PBX, your employees’s way of work not only will be maintained but simplified.

Upon initial configuration of the service, Telenor provides a username and password for the administrative interface where you can manage all the functionalities you need, as well as define which employees have what rules to use the solution.

You can count on consulting, support and assistance in Bulgarian language, training of your employees, flexibility and quick response, professional and easy-to-use solution, high quality of voice calls, and only a single invoice for all your services. Our partner is a Bulgarian company that independently develops and maintains the solution.

The solution meets the following standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management). Data is stored in two data centers so as to provide security and reliability for customers.

No, there won't be. Telenor communicates openly all necessary costs so that customers plan their budget properly.

Depending on your needs and usage, we can provide you with a personalized tariff plan and an extra package of minutes, taking into account your voice traffic.

The solution is offered as a service with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
The service is provided in partnership with a third party and in this respect Telenor Bulgaria EAD is not responsible for the availability of the application and the information stored in it, the functions or content of or in the application.
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