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Nowadays, its extremely important to communicate effectively with your customers – but how to do it? How to attract their attention, to engage them and improve their customer experience? In a world where technology is growing fast, people are easily distracted and have increased expectations, the printed leaflets and catalogues are no longer that attractive as the bright catchy video content. Thus, not surprisingly, digital screens turned to be one of the most effective ways to facilitate communication – according to surveys, they attract with 400% more views than static displays. The service issued in various businesses such as hotels, bars, sport centers, restaurants, banks, medical centers, museums, etc.

Telenor, in a partnership with Omnichannel. presents to you a platform for digital signage through which you can choose what and when to say to your clients. – you can easily set and change the broadcasted content and you can manage multiple screens remotely from anywhere in the world. At the same time, you can rely on professional support from our side. We also offer you the opportunity to purchase professional screens with a 3-year warranty or to integrate the platform with your own external systems.

The main benefits you get with Digital Screen from Telenor are:
Flexibility – always offer to your customers up-to-date and relevant creative and promotions
Excel at customer experience – broadcast interesting and useful content, reduce the perceived waiting time and improve the overall atmosphere at your office or shop
Increase your brand’s awareness
Optimize costs for printing, delivering and installing advertising materials
Additional revenue channel – promote 3rd party products
Remote control – manage different technical parameters suck as brightness and sound; automatic switch on and switch off,

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

За повече информация относно цените и параметрите на услугата може да се свържете с Вашия търговски представител, да отправите запитване тук или в модул Бизнес приложения в Бизнес портала тук.

You can count on consulting, support and assistance, flexibility and quick response, professional and easy to use solution. Our partner, SmartAd Ltd, is a Bulgarian company with a long experience in creating this type of services, building complete solutions for both small business and chains with dozens of shops.

The software part of the solution is specifically designed for be used with professional displays. Unlike home TVs, professional screens do not have a built-in tuner that allows them to be controlled remotely. With professional screens for example, you can remotely observe the technical parameters of the screens - whether it is on or off, what is the brightness level, sound, etc., but you can also control the broadcasted content.

The Digital Screen Service allows you to easily create different types of content, manage it remotely and customize it according to the specifics of your business and strategy. By creating this new channel for communication with your customers, you will be able to increase your brand’s awareness, your customers’ satisfaction level, and your sales.

The solution is offered as a service with a monthly subscription with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
The service is provided in partnership with a third party and in this respect Telenor Bulgaria EAD is not responsible for the availability of the application and the information stored in it, the functions or content of or in the application.;
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