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Telenor provides innovative school management software - Shkolo. The solution was created on the recommendations of teachers and principals, taking into account all the work details in the school.

Shkolo meets all the requirements of Regulation No.8 for school digitization and includes all the requisites of the paper diary. The platform introduces a weekly program, assessments, absences, parent meetings, and other events, and also provides profiles for principals, teachers, and parents with different visualizations and rights and access. Thus, each principal can easily and quickly track the work and activity of his team and the success of the school, each teacher - his class and the students’ success on the subject that teaches, and each parent - the grades and achievements of his own child. When a new event is created in the platform, the parents are notified immediately via the mobile application.

Through the platform, the process of uploading a school's database is automated and takes several minutes, ie. is not manual, as it is so far. Generating monthly reports to the National electronic information system for pre-school and school education through the platform is also done with a few clicks after correctly uploading the data, which eliminates the need to generate manually the reports for hours of each month.

The platform engages between 60-85% of parents who become active users and follow the news weekly.

For school principals:

Meets the requirements of Regulation No.8
Saves time to generate reports
Includes all requisites of the paper diary
Provides training and various additional modules
Engages the parents
Integration with Office 365 and G-suite
Provides monitoring of the work of all teachers at school
Presents the overall success of the school and by each class
Security of the digital platform

For teachers

Automatically grades reading from your school books
Easy and quick grades’ application in the digital platform
Automatic calculation of student’s school success
Rapid reporting to the National electronic information system for pre-school and school education
Tracking the progress of each student and of the entire class
Direct communication with parents

For parents

Monitoring the child’s school progress  and achievements in real time
Convenient push-notifications
Direct communication with teachers
Free mobile application
Automatically events creating in a parent calendar
Registration for extracurricular activities

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

Shkolo meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science and Regulation No.8, providing you the opportunity to join a community of innovative and modern schools. In addition, Telenor and Shkolo allow optimizing school processes and facilitating communication between the principal, teachers and parents. The storage of the school book in electronic format provides additional security because every day all data is backed up by the platform.

As a subscriber to Shkolo, we have the opportunity to offer you integration with Office 365 for Education or the G-Suite for Education by providing you with the following specifics:
Initial setup of a school profile for Office 365 for Education or G-Suite for Education (in case you have a registered * domain);
Subsequent setup of users (students), including: name, surname, email, password;
Synchronize user profiles at the beginning of each academic year, including adding and removing users (students, teachers);


* If you have not registered a school domain, we will purchase a domain with one of the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info;

In addition to the fact that with the e-diary from Telenor you meet all the requirements of Regulation No.8 of the Ministry of Education and Science, you solve two main problems in the school:

Lack of direct communication between teachers and parents. Very often the information about the behavior and problems of the students does not reach their parents. The lasting effect of the lack of communication leads to high disengagement from parents, which leads to a decrease in student success and achievements. Communication via the platform is real-time. It runs through several channels: via a web-based interface, via mobile application, and by email.

The second problem is the extremely heavy administration and bureaucracy. The large number of references and statistics that teachers need to generate reduces the time they can prepare high-quality lessons and focus on the pedagogical process and work with students. Shkolo generates all required reports and statistics from teachers with just a few clicks.

No, you do not have to. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Shkolo and Telenor work directly with school management team – advise how to increase teacher and parent motivation to work on the platform, and with teaches, when necessary - advise how to automate the process of generating reports and statistics.

No, you will not. Telenor communicates openly all necessary costs so that customers plan their budget properly.

Shkolo is a platform that is successfully used in some of the most elite and innovative high schools and is constantly developing according to the needs of schools.

Terms and Conditions - https://www.shkolo.bg/terms/
The solution is offered as a service with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.