E-mail Lite

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Corporate functionalities

Shared calendars
Global address book
Back-up and data recovery
Creation of e-mail groups
Ability to use own e-signature and encryption
Shared tasks among the users
Maintenance of more the one domain


Dynamic change of the mailboxes size
Ability to set the size of the attachment
Desired customization
Ability to set restrictions

Private virtual serve

No need of IT staff to maintain hardware
Guaranteed availability of 99,95%
24/7/365 maintenance
Own account
Full access through administration panel


Data protection in accordance with latest standards
Ability of setting own security policy

Technical maintenance

24 hour support provided by Telenor experts

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

This is an allocated infrastructure resource (server) for the customer, where the solution is provisioned. Only the user has access which ensures the autonomy and security of the information.

A full access to the solution is provided; the interface is intuitive and easy to use. You can quickly and easily add and delete users, create quotas, e-mail groups, etc. In need of assistance we can cooperate and do the initial configuration.

The solution covers the following standards: ISO 27001 (Management of Information Security), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), use of an SSL access, own electronic signature and encryption, information is stored in two independent data centers.

The solution requires domain to be configured. The options are to use your own or you will be helped to register a new one. Telenor can provide free domain upon activation of minimum 50 mail boxes with “.eu” extension

The solution can be offered with additional anti-spam and anti-virus protection enabled with the solution of Barracuda, which filters all incoming and outgoing e-mails and prevents the organization from following treats and leaks:
Attacks to denial of service - (DDos) and spam;
Mail Spool - receiving and storing e-mail in case of absence of Internet;
Outgoing filtering - reduces the chance of falling into black lists and the possibility of losing sensitive information;
Predictive Sender Profiling using behavioral analysis to identify and block spam;

Additionally you can order a back-up functionality with which loss of information can be recovered partially or completely full e-mail solution.

E-mail Lite is offered as a solution with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
One license is applicable for one mailbox.
For activation of the solution the customer needs to have an own domain or to register such.