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GeoSCAN Meteo is a mobile application developed specifically to help farmers. You can choose between a virtual meteorological station or one that is installed in your arable field, and thus monitor the factors relevant to crop cultivation and yield planning, including:

weather forecast for the next 7 days;
a period when the weather conditions are suitable for spraying;
historical data on accumulated temperature and rainfall quantities for several fields depending on the type of crop;
аir humidity, atmospheric pressure and soil temperature.

With GeoSCAN Meteo, you get the most important information in real time from your weather station directly on your phone, so you can plan more optimally soil and crop cultivation, field treatment, forecast yields from a field, and compare expected yield to other fields.

The app is available for any Android and iOS smartphone.

Exact and localized information at a separate field level
Specialized forecast
Focus on the most important data for farmers
Historical data from the beginning of the year for the individual fields throughout the country - sum of rainfall and temperatures
Map of all agricultural land in Bulgaria with the possibility of geolocation (the accuracy of smartphones is + -5m)
Data is at a separate field level - the forecast is generated on 1.5 x 1.5 km cells.
Opportunity for own meteorological station - for additional data and more accurate spatial location
Easy-to-use interface

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Agriculture is a business that is extremely dependent on climate factors, which are often unpredictable. That is why climate information is of crucial importance. The most limiting for the yield are rainfalls and accumulated temperatures from the date of sowing – the best yield depends on them.

The application gives you the opportunity these data to be historically checked back and thus predicting how well the culture is developed. Comparison of the amount of rainfall in other farmers’ areas is also important for the determination of yield differences.

Spraying is also an important and costly operation that should be conducted in a quiet and dry weather. The service provides a special menu that shows by days and hours when it is appropriate to spray.

In the app you can also keep an eye on the forecast for the next seven days, and the data from the sensors of the meteorological station.

The service is unique in Bulgaria, combining the benefits of several applications in one. All fields within the country are visible in the application, with the exact borders which are listed in the register of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. This is extremely convenient when you want to be sure about which field to receive information.

On the other hand, apps that show the weather forecast can not give a precise, field-specific forecast for a particular field, while the weather station gives you a 5-kilometer accuracy. The availability of historical data also makes it easier to plan your work.

Current temperature, wind speed and weather conditions
Forecast for the next 7 days - minimum and maximum temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall and weather conditions for the range of the meteo station (8 km)
Historical rainfall data by day and total for a period of individual flights across the territory of the country
Historical data on accumulated temperatures from the sowing date depending on the selected crop
Field map all over the country
High, medium, and low risk of spraying hours in the next seven days
When a meteor station is installed in your field - air humidity, atmospheric pressure and soil temperature

Depending on the selected package, you can check up to 10 or up to 25 fields per day. Every day the number of check boxes is reset.

The solution GeoSCAN Meteo is offered as a service with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
You can choose between a virtual or a physical station package;
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