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"Interactive voice menu" is an IVR service by Telenor, specially created for our business customers. This web-interface provides your clients with an excellent, digital and easy way to reach you anytime, anywhere, and at the same time optimize your costs.

Business IVR

With the cloud-based IVR service "Interactive Voice Menu" by Telenor you can manage all incoming calls via a convenient interface at

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Furthermore, you are provided with a wide range of other functionalities:

Selection of an IVR number, dialable by your clients and choice of numbers that your employees will use to handle incoming calls. This includes Telenor mobile, fixed numbers and National numbers 0700 and 0800;
Flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of employees who use the service for handling the incoming calls;
No limit of phone numbers included in the service;
Possibility to set up a language - Bulgarian or English;
Self-management of IVR logic – depending on the call's purpose, you are able to predefine what information to provide to your customer and which of your employee to handle a certain call.
Wallboards with real time statistics for all numbers or a specific one;
Statistics storage for past periods;
Call recordings storage of past periods
Use the service only via web-browser through a PC or laptop and tracking statistics and call recordings via the convenient mobile version of the interface for smartphones and tablets;
Option to set up  a certain melody as an IVR messages' background;
Self-administration of:

-Queues based on different criteria;
-Time zones and working hours;
-Defining a group of numbers;

Redirection logic (one-step or a sequential dialing a fixed or a mobile number or group of numbers).
Record IVR messages in Bulgarian or English – either by yourself, or  by Telenor;

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

"Interactive voice menu" is a IVR service based on cloud technology that works with mobile or fixed numbers of Telenor. No additional equipment, software installation or other initial investment are needed.

To use the service, go to the administrative interface via a web browser with your username and password at the following address: According to your requirements, Telenor has configured and activated the preselected settings and phone numbers, and all service's functionalities, which you can control and change by yourself anytime.

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