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Вследствие изменение на политиката на Икономедиа АД, от 29 юли 2021г. ще съществува само абонамент за услугата Капитал ПРО. Клиентите, активирали стандартен абонамент Капитал като допълнителен пакет или в позиция, автоматично ще преминат към абонамент за Капитал ПРО. Клиентите, активирали услугата като допълнителен пакет до 28 юли 2021г., ще продължат да го заплащат на цена от 11.99лв/месец до 30.09.2021г. След тази дата цената на услугата като допълнителен пакет става 28.99лв/месец. Повече информация на capital.bg

Kapital is a Bulgarian magazine, which covers politics, economy and business. Kapital is for entrepreneurs, professionals and active citizens. For them Kapital selects the most impactful events and explains what is really happening, why is it happening and most importantly what follows. Kapital presents facts objectively with reasoned opinion, in order to create useful information, which is used by readers in making informed decisions for business or personal prosperity.

The digital access to capital.bg provided by Telenor includes the main feed of articles on capital.bg, including the archive and additional reports in the section Library of the website.

Capital PRO upgrades its content with daily business news, detailed reports, financial information for organizations and industries, and provides a discount on all events organized by Кapital.

Access to Кapital and Кapital PRO is possible through various channels: website or mobile app.

Through digital access to Кapital via capital.bg, you get:
Weekly - every Friday the most important of the week with a look ahead - Kapital topics are the largest - environment, business, personal finance. Comprehensive look at current themes as well as expert analysis on highlights over the past days.
Current (up-to-date) content and Archive - available on PC or smartphone. Kapital.bg also has additional tools, such as the Kapital Library, in which you can search and read all issues with the online K: reader tool.

In addition to the above content, with Кapital PRO you can also access:
Business news - daily business news in the form of short feeds. The feeds are at the beginning and end of the business day + weekend feed with the contents of the Weekly.
Business Reports - Rankings (Кapital 100, etc.) and sector analysis is the content of a series of about 10 books designed specifically for business subscribers and giving a deeper look into sectors and information of the companies in the market. The reports are available online from the Kapital Library - capital.bg/biblioteka.
KAPI - KAPI is an online array of financial information for companies and industries. With KAPI, you can search and retrieve unlimited data and analysis reports. The file contains information on over 200,000 companies and data for the last 6 years.
20% discount on events organized by Kapital.

By activating Kapital or Kapital PRO through Telenor, you receive the first month after activation for free and then pay your subscription on a monthly basis.

Add access to Kapital PRO:

1. Enter the MyTelenor app.
2. Activate the service in a position if your plan includes access to it or as an extra add-on.
3. Enter the capital.bg website, select the "Login" button and then the "Telenor Login" option.
4. When logging in to your account, you should confirm your phone number with the code you will receive by SMS.
5. Here you should read the general terms and conditions of the provider and accept them.
6.Before enjoying rich business content, you need to enter your e-mail address in order to use all the functionality of the provider.

The service is available in Bulgaria as well as in the EU roaming for users temporarily traveling outside the territory of Bulgaria.

Кapital is an online business content access service provided by a third party, Economedia AD. In this regard, Telenor is not responsible for the availability of the website and / or the applications through which the service or its content is provided.

The user is not allowed to distribute the service and its content to third parties, including for any commercial or public purpose, as well as in commercial or public places.

General Information

Select one of our Total+ plans that offer the opportunity to use the service by activating it as a service in your tariff plan. If your plan does not include a digital services access position, you can activate the service as an additional package.

You can read Kapital via the website which has mobile version, or the mobile app and you can download it on as many as you wish devices. However, you can read at one time at up to 3 (three) devices.

No, you can install Kapital app for free.

In this case, there are two options - you can activate the service as an add-on package to your subscription plan, or switch to one of our new Total + tariff plans, which includes a position for free access. This will allow you to use it at no extra charge for the first 12 months of your contract and at a preferential price for the second 12 months of its term.

From the date of signing of the Total + Subscription Plan contract with a position for free access.

If your plan includes a free slot for digital services, you can activate the service in a free slot, and if you do not have one or want to activate the service in another slot, you can activate the service as an additional package. If the service is activated in slot, you use it at no extra charge for 6, 12, ор 24 months of your contract. If you decide to activate it as an additional package and have never used it before (in slot or as an additional package), your first month will be free of charge so that you can judge whether you like the service.

You can download Kapital’s mobile app from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store.

Subscription and payment

Yes, you can stop renewal of the add-on package at any time through the MyTelenor application or remove the service from a position.

If you activate it in slot, you can use it for free the first 12 months of your contract. The second half you can use it at a preferential price for 9,99 BGN/month.

If you activate it in slot, you can use it for free the first 12 months of your contract. The second half you can use it at a preferential price for 9,99 BGN/month.

If the service is activated as an add-on package, termination of access will take effect upon expiration of the current period for using the package for which it is paid. For example, if you paid for access to the service by October 20, and you stopped renewing the additional package on October 5, you will continue to have access to the content of the service until October 20.
If the service is activated in a position, deactivating it in a position terminates access to it immediately. Deactivating a service in a position before a month has passed since its activation will lead to the locking of the position and it will be marked as an "inaccessible position" by the expiration of this period.

The content of the service is available on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as within the EU for users temporarily traveling outside Bulgaria.

If you haven’t activated access to the service in a position within the first 12 months of your contract, you can activate it in a position also in the second 12 months for an additional monthly payment at a preferential price of 9.99 BGN / month.

If the service was activated in a position and you have not deactivated it before the start of the second 12 months of your contract, you will be charged extra monthly for a preferential price, whether you have used the service or not.

Technical information

No. The service is for personal use and only the person with Telenor access should have access to this information.

To use all the features included in the service, the provider requires an email from each user.

Check what account you are logged in to and have a subscription to. You can do this from the bar at the top of the site or the account icon if you're on a mobile device. The profile information is also displayed if you have a subscription to Kapital. If you have a subscription but there is no indication of the account you used to log in to, your options are either logged in with another account or have not yet activated your digital access.