Mobile device management

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Complete mobile device management in your organization.

Тhe mobile way of work requires management and monitoring of the company’s mobile devices and the sensitive business information. We offer you a cloud-based solution that gives your company complete control and high security, without the need for investment in expensive equipment and sophisticated software.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an innovative platform that provides the protection of your business data, as well as the ability to clearly distinguish between corporate and private (BYOD) devices. The solution allows you to set different policies for accessing corporate resources outside of the office, and to use specific applications and functionalities in working or out of work hours.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) uses various configurations for an employee authentication to the device, primarily based on a certification and multi-factor model, regardless of the operating system type - iOS, Android, or Windows. With the solution, you can centrally install and remove corporate data without affecting the employee's personal data. The business organization has the ability to install and uninstall remotely apps to its employees’ devices, providing an easy and secure way to work on their favorite devices, with the latest version of the software. The team responsible for mobile device support is provided with an automated device setup, easy remote maintenance, and an intuitive console for managing and monitoring the entire set of devices.


Protecting your corporate information
Comprehensive control of the company‘s devices - possibility of locking, deletion of sensitive information, finding of devices at loss
Separating the personal from business information on a device
Secure file and information sharing within an organization
Company assets management
Secure access to corporate e-mail, calendar, tasks and other applications


Increasing employee productivity – access from anywhere at any time
Private cloud based solution for each customer
Creating reports with different metrics - number of smartphones by supplier, most commonly used apps, etc.
Saving maintenance and initial investment expenses
24x7 technical support
Integration with an active directory - transferring multiple users from an existing environment to a new Mobile Device Management platform, without the need to create new users one by one
Extremely quick configuration and activation the solution
A common invoice for all your Telenor services.

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

This is a platform which provides protection of the information accessible on mobile devices in a business organization. Through the cloud solution, you have the ability to clearly distinguish between corporate and private devices (BYOD), and to define different control and security policies.

No, there are not. Telenor communicates in an open manner all necessary expenses so our customers can plan their budget accordingly.

The solution complies with the following standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), SSL access, high-end corporate firewalls and provides the ability to use proprietary electronic signature, as well as encryption and data protection in two independent data centers.

The solution provides a wide range of security tools and policies. They can control corporate mobile devices and protect access to corporate mail, remote enterprise resource, and more.

The solution gives full control over any company’s device that can be localized, deleted or locked, so all corporate information remains protected and unavailable.

No, there is no need. We provide full access to the solution and the interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The customer can easily set different rights and security policies with the aim to protect company information.

If you need assistance, you can rely on Telenor for the initial configuration.

We provide training in your office, flexibility and quick reaction, just a single invoice for all your services by Telenor and, most importantly, support from one of the best cloud service providers and a leading system integrator - Stone Computers, which owns a team of high qualified and certified specialists and has two independent data centers.