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My Contacts is a free application for Android and iOS which easily stores and edits your phone contacts.

With just a few finger taps you transfer your contacts from one phone to another or on the cloud space, and for your convenience the application has a web-based version.

What is My Contacts?

My Contacts is an app which easily transfers, stores and edits your contacts. You can be sure that the changes you perform will automatically apply, regardless you use the mobile or the web-based versionof the application.

Easily, with just a few finger taps, you transfer all your contacts from one device to another and on the cloud space;

Transfer contacts between devices with operating systems Android, iOS and between phones with pre-installed Sync ML client;

Synchronize contacts from various places your phone, Facebook account, Google Contacts, business or personal email;

Edit, remove or add contacts;

Get secure access to your contacts thanks to your Connect ID.

You do not need to be a Telenor customer in order to use the service;

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.


Download the app My Contacts on your device or log into:


When you start My Contact you have to allow the application to access your contacts.


Create a Connect ID profile by entering your mobile number and selecting "Next".


Then you need to enter your email address and choose "Next".


On the next step you will receive a 4-digit PIN code that you have to enter during registration process, if requested.


Your contacts will start syncing. The duration of the synchronization process depends on the number of contacts you have.


From the options of the application you can access Settings and “Merge” duplicate contacts.


From Settings you can see the credentials you have used for registration and an option to choose Sync over Wi-Fi network only.


Furthermore, you can merge duplicate contacts with a single click.


And do not forget that you will receive an email verification link to confirm your registration for My Contacts. If not confirmed, the link will expire in 30 days, so your profile will be deleted.

Everyone who uses a smartphone, feature phone, tablet or web-based version of the application.

Yes, the application is compatible with the operating system Android 2.3.3, iOS 6.0 or later version and phones that have initially installed Sync ML client. More information about compatible devices can be found at:

No, there is no such restriction. Every user has unlimited space to store their contacts in the cloud space.

The reason is that the language, which is set on your device is not Bulgarian. If you change the language settings of your device to Bulgarian, respectively the app will change to the same language.

You can sync manually your contacts anytime and only the devices with operating system Android, version 2.3.3 or higher support automatic synchronization.

No! The application is absolutely free of charge for all. Users have to pay only for the extra generated Internet traffic through the app if they do not have an add-on with data included in their plan.

Yes, as long as the devices have an operating system Android 2.3.3, iOS 6.0 or later.

Yes. You can synchronize your contacts with a single click from the phone book (iOS / Android / mobile phone), Google Contacts (iOS / Android), MS Exchange (iOS / Android), Outlook (Hotmail) (iOS / Android) and Apple iCloud, you do not need to be a Telenor customer to use the service.

The contacts uploaded to My Contacts are encrypted. The contact transfer is through HTTPS and SSL protocol. The access to the server that stores all contacts is in protected VLAN. VLAN protection is carried out by private SSH key. In case of a lost/damaged phone, your contacts will be safe.

You can get a link to reset your password on the email you provided on your registration. For additional information and assistance, please visit the website

You will continue having an access to the application and your contacts. Your registration and contacts will not be deleted.

You can request for unsubscription for the service by sending a request form through the app web-based version. You'll have 30 days from the application’s submission to download your contacts in the web application. If not, your contacts will be deleted along with your service account.