People counting

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Person counting is an easy-to-use solution that is accessible through a web platform, which is designed for a specific video analysis. Business customers can view visitor statistics in real time, and the information is updated every 15 minutes. Its precision is unprecedented, ensuring at least 90% accuracy.
People counting provides to business customers regular emails with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. It is possible to integrate it with external databases to synchronize visitors and sales information to determine the actual business performance.

The Technology

Based on the used thermal technology and dedicated cameras installed in your site, the necessary information of the visitor traffic and visitor behavior is collected and analyzed periodically in the cloud-based platform. All data is processed, grouped and classified in order to be presented in ready-made reports.
The system can be located at any place in the business site, which you believe is interesting to be monitored - entry and exit points, escalators, lifts, safes, corridors, specific shopping areas and much more. For its proper functioning, continuous power supplies as well as Internet connectivity are required.

Exceptional accuracy - over 90% precision of counting measured with regular tests
Installation and setup in various locations without compromising accuracy and in accordance with your requirements
A full IP based solution - saves costs through remote support capabilities
Determine the exact number of visitors as well as the most peak days and hours
Optimization of business processes by comparison the number of visitors with realized sales, as well as improvement of customer service. This allows you to make more informed business management solutions that are based on real statistics from your site
Improve business planning and future deliveries - using accurate data, you can manage your working time, staff and assortment more efficiently
Flexible platform for providing the collected information in a convenient format and frequency; ability to generate customized reports on demand
View and compare historical data in PDF and XLS files
Updating the collected information every 15 minutes and a possibility to view data in real time
Integration with ERP solutions for a more in-depth data analysis
On-site training how to work with the system
Unlimited number of users to access the collected data
An unobtrusive device that does not disturb the visitors
A complete hardware warranty for the contract period
24/7  support - online monitoring and on-site visits for prevention and calibration purposes

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

To be able to successfully manage your business, you need a set of tools to measure its performance. Our solution is precisely such a tool for measuring the number of visitors passing through a certain area of your site. With this information, you could start making gradual changes and then tracking how they affect the key performance indicators such as sales, turnover, and staff performance. For example, you can optimize business processes as well as improve customer service by identifying peak hours and collate the shift staff and delivery schedules.

The solution combines thermal technology, special cameras, internet connectivity and a cloud-based platform that collects and analyzes visitors’ data. The complete counting system is unlimited and easy to use, with the ability to generate specific reports. Its accuracy is incomparable and is checked through regular tests.

Our partner Mavenstat has over 9 years experience in building and maintaining visitor analysis systems, and their services count over four hundred thousand visitors per day. The company aims to help companies improve their efficiency and optimize their resources. Telenor, in turn endeavors to inspire and facilitate you by solving your problems, and ensuring a quality service.

The solution is offered as a service with a monthly subscription upon signing a 12-month or 24-month contract.
The service People counting is provided in partnership with a third party and in this respect Telenor Bulgaria EAD is not responsible for the availability of the application and the information stored therein, about the functions or the content of or in the application.