Virtual servers

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Тhe solution Virtual Servers is targeted at business organizations that need reliable, professional, and flexible IT infrastructure. No need of an initial investment in specialized physical machines, which are amortized and require monthly maintenance by technical experts.

The virtual server allows you to maintain your files, website, domains, email, applications, databases or specific software. You can choose the most suitable parameters among the possible server configurations for your business processes.

The service allows you to be flexible and resize your personal virtual resources according to your specific needs at a particular moment. By using a virtual server, you cut out potential power problems, eliminate the initial investment, and reduce your operating costs. This way you can focus more on the development of your business.

On the virtual server, everything is reserved and covers up to 99.99% of availability so as to ensure your performance or data.

Physical server Virtual server
Hosting of email, specific applications and software, active directories, file servers and more., etc.
No initial investment  
No special storage space  
Reducing electricity and cooling expenses  
No depreciation charges  
No qualified support staff  
No upgrading expenses for server systems  
Protection and Redundancy
Data back-up

No expenses for power supply and cooling of equipment
Monthly payment of software licenses depending on the needs
No initial investment and reduction of operating costs
No maintenance of physical machines
No upgrading expenses for server systems
Increase your IT flexibility
Guaranteed availability - 99.99%
24-hour technical support
Back-up of your data
A common invoice for all your Telenor services.

For more information and pricelist, please contact your personal Telenor Account manager or just send us e-mail enquiry.

The Virtual Servers have all the features and guaranteed security of the physical server, saving maintenance costs and provide availability of IT infrastructure that is not located in your office. Additionally, you get extra flexibility to host the most commonly used services, including files, websites, domains, mail, applications, databases, or specific software.

No, there are not. Telenor communicates in an open manner all necessary expanses so our clients can plan their budget accordingly.

The solution complies with the following standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), SSL access, high-end corporate firewalls and provides the ability to use proprietary electronic signature, as well as encryption and data protection in two independent data centers.

Our business partner Stone Computers has years of experience in providing specialized cloud services. Stone Computers is a Bulgarian company with highly qualified and certified specialists, with two independent data centers. You can rely on support from a leading system integrator, training in your office, flexibility and quick assistance.