Telenor as an employer

In Telenor we provide opportunities for rewarding and meaningful job, which are in harmony with achieving ambitious corporate, personal and professional development goals and contributing to the society. We are customer–centric organization; we value team-work and we strive for excellence and innovation. Being respectful and inspiring, keeping promises and making it easy are the core values that shape our culture and reflect our identity.

Selection and Recruitment

Our recruitment process and selection criteria are transparent - job vacancies and requirements are announced internally and externally. We are committed to treat all job candidates fairly and with respect. In order to identify the most suitable candidate for a specific vacant position we have developed and implement variety of selection and recruitment tools – interviews, tests, assessment centers, employee referral programs, etc. We provide feedback to all job candidates who have been interviewed for a vacant position in Telenor.

Compensation and Benefits

Offering attractive compensation and benefits is one of the tools to encourage talented professionals to apply for, work and retain with the company. We assess employees’ perception about the offered benefits and encourage their participation in development of the Benefit Program.

That system includes additional medical care, health insurance, financial aid, monthly food and fuel vouchers, possibility for alternative working time and/or telework, preferential terms for purchase of products and services offered by the company, preferential terms for products & services offered to our employees and their families by external providers in variety of sectors – banking, tourism, services, health, sport, etc.

Personal and Professional Development

Telenor constantly encourages its people to strive for personal and professional development and achieve ambitious goals.

Our company applies a range of training and development activities - attendance at internal and external trainings, seminars, workshops (including induction), participation in projects, job rotation, coaching and mentoring, e-learning, formal study (MBA), etc.

We focus on identifying, developing and retaining our high-potential employees as part of the company Talent Management Program. The main purpose is to develop and help our talents to reach their full potential and in return to increase their commitment, motivation, loyalty and productivity.

We develop different programs (Summer Academy, Business Excellence, Knowledge Sharing) aiming at strengthening both the employees’ development as well as the company business results.

Performance Management

Our employees’ high performance allows us to achieve high business performance as well. That is why it is necessary to set goals and/or performance standards, regularly evaluate the progress, provide feedback for constantly improved employee’s performance, define development plans and reward accordingly. The employee performance management process leads to high levels of individual and company performance and development.


We aim to establish and sustain a positive working environment in Telenor part of the Telenor Group, where people feel emotionally and intellectually committed to the company. We believe that open communication and feedback culture, sense of direction and involvement of the management staff and employees’ empowerment could enhance employees’ engagement. It is important to us to collect comprehensive information, to evaluate and analyze it and work for continuing improvement of our employee’s engagement through regular conduct of Employee Surveys. Thus, the Employee Surveys provide a key basis for implementing improvement in employees’ immediate surroundings.

Health and Safety

We, at Telenor, believe that the Health and Safety of our personnel, constitutes a value integral to the company’s general culture.

The company evaluates the occupational risks that may ensue from its activities and determines goals, measures and programmes for their minimization and/or elimination. The company monitors performance, execute control and constantly improves its occupational health and safety system.

OHSAS:18001 – The Certificate for Health and Safety at the workplace is a proof for the existing management system, which constantly controls and improves the health and safety work conditions among the employees and decreases to a minimum level the risks at the workplace;

As part of our internal program “Healthy You” we have introduced to the employees the following opportunities:

Psychological support program

Alternative working time regimes and Telework

The traditional sports holiday G-Olympics

Annual rent of sports grounds

Supplementary medical insurance

Knowledge sharing sessions on different topics: Homeopathy, Stop smoking, Family, etc.