Traineeship program 2015

There are not that many internships which could play a decisive role in your professional career, but Hub by Telenor is such a one. It is especially true for those who have the will to tackle real challenges and to invest in their future now.

10 – that’s the exact number of young and eager to learn individuals that we are going to welcome to our internship program this autumn. Those 10 talents will be provided with all the support and tools they need to work on real projects in core business areas like commercial, marketing, finance, legal and technology.

Sound appealing ? Apply and take the opportunity to challenge yourself and start building the foundation of your dream career.

В това видео можеш да разбереш защо стажът в Теленор е едновременно полезен и забавен, какво да очакваш и как да станеш част от нашия екип!
Очакваме те!

An ambitious student in his final year or a fresh graduate who feels ready to use all that academical knowledge in practice

Still wondering what the best career path for you is and want to explore opportunities

Driven by success and never accepting mediocre results

Interested in developing your career in marketing, commercial, finance, legal or technology

Opportunity to work on real and meaningful projects and see the results of your efforts and contribution

Gain experience that will enable you to do something meaningful by learning, having fun, and getting paid at the same time

Open working environment and flexible working time

Apply now, dive in the world of big business and learn more about the exciting telecommunication business within one of the biggest and most successful telecommunication companies in Bulgaria – Telenor.

Join our finance, commercial or technical teams now and give a boost to your future career. We will expect your application by September the 17th, Thursday.

We will be welcoming our fresh group of graduates to join us in the begging of October. They will spend the next 12 months upskilling their professional knowledge with the support of their teams and managers.

Hurry up and share your career dreams with us. We just might make them come true.

Telenor launched its annual Traineeship program at an official ceremony held at the company’s headquarter in Sofia. This year, Telenor welcomes 50 students from various Bulgarian universities providing valuable professional experience in a real business environment. The two-month internship in the company is paid.

Trainees are joining a total of 24 departments in Telenor, including Customer Care, Business Sales, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, Value Creation, Business Marketing, Technology Implementation and other technical and operational sections in the company.

During their time at Telenor, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop their own projects under the guidance of personal tutors. The participants also undergo presentation skills training and receive a full induction into the company’s structure, corporate culture, history, mission and values.

“The annual Traineeship Program is one of the most successful Telenor youth initiatives. Telenor is proud of the fact the program continually expands in scope and gives valuable real-business life experience to our up-and-coming younger generation. In fact, 30% of participants remain with Telenor as full time employees after the program which we believe is an amazing testament to the program. I believe we are here not only support talented students development but also contribute to the development of the educational system in the country. To our new trainees, I wish you great success and remind you to be curious, ask questions, take initiative, have humility, be open to try new things… and know it is ok to make mistakes, Telenor Chief Human Resources Officer Brad Byblow said at the opening event.

Telenor Traineeship Program is held for a twelfth year in a row. Since the beginning of the initiative in 2004, the telecom has invested more than 1 million leva in the development and support of young people in Bulgaria.