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The areas of professional life in Telenor are colourful and inspiring. We believe that such should be the additional benefits for our employees – diverse and covering all important aspects of life outside work.

The world is changing right before our eyes. How we communicate, how we experience, how we live – everything is breathing, growing. As a telecommunication company we at Telenor know that we constantly need new content, new meaning, new goals. We believe that curiosity opens up new opportunities, paves new roads and that the good and brave ideas deserve becoming a reality. Our path forward is being paved daily by our aspiring, curious and ambitious employees, as well as all the clients that believe in us.

Each beginning has a significant meaning, especially when talking about your career. That is why we created a special platform for your professional path – Hub by Telenor. Our managers and experts will develop an individual plan for you, compliant to our actual business and strategic goals. Your contribution can have a key impact in a wide number of areas – finance, marketing, technologies, law, human resources, commerce, business relations and more. In other words, your field of development is wide to say the least.

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Open mind is a program by Telenor for professional development and social integration for people with disabilities. The program gives an opportunity for people with disabilities to develop their social and functional abilities; as well as increasing their competitiveness and qualification. We provide an open and accessible working environment, possibilities for knowledge exchange and for acquiring new skills, which will help the participants to be more competitive at the job market.

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