Activate the Fun Call service

Dear customers, since 28.11.2017 the management of the service tgrough calls to voice number 147 is not available. You will be able to manage the FunCall service through mobile portal on and other channels for service administration.

How to activate the service?

The Fun Call service can be activated:

by sending SMS with text “start” to number 147;
directly with the first ordered melody. It is necessary to send an SMS with the code of the melody you want to purchase to number 147 in order to get the melody and activate the service.

How to deactivate the service?

You can deactivate the service anytime by one of the following three options:

Call the Customer Service Center on 123.

After deactivation of the Fun Call service all purchased melodies will be available in the system for 60 days. If after deactivation the service is not re-activated within 60 days, all purchased melodies will be lost.

Send an SMS with text “stop” to number 147.

In that case your profile and all purchased melodies and settings will be deleted.

The Fun Call service can be activated again at any time by one of the above listed options.

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