How and when can I switch to a different Postpaid plan?


If you are currently using a postpaid plan Nonstop, Rezerv Standart, Rezerv, Rezerv Start, Standard or Online by Telenor, or the old postpaid plans by Telenor you could change your plan after the first 6 months of the initial contract period and there is no limit for the number of changes during the contract period. However, changes could be performed once in a billing period. You could switch to another plan in the first 6 months of the initial period for using mobile services when buying a handset with subsidy and signing a new term contract.

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In all cases you may change your postpaid plan to a new one with the same or higher monthly fee and by paying an one-off fee for changing a postpaid plan during the contract term.

Please, note that by changing your postpaid plan the unused Rezerv minutes, if there are such in your previous plan, are lost and you receive new Rezerv minutes for the new contract duration, if the new plan includes such.

In case of a postpaid plan change, the unused included minutes are not transferred to the new plan. For the first and last billing period of using the chosen plan, you receive a proportionate number of minutes for the proportionate monthly subscription fee of the new plan.

When changing the postpaid plan after the expiry of the contract period, you could choose between Rezerv, Rezerv Start and Standard plans with higher, same or lower monthly fee for a new contract period.

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