How would the included minutes of the postpaid plan be reported after activation of the SIM card?


From the time of activation of the SIM card until the first date of invoicing, you may use a proportional number of included minutes from the monthly number of included minutes for the respective period.


Your card is activated on the 15.04, and the date of issuing of the first invoice is 01.05.

If you have subscribed to a plan with 300 included minutes per month, then from the date of activation of the SIM card until the date of the first invoice, there are 15 days and therefore you can use 1/2 or 150 of the included minutes. The full package of 300 minutes you can use from 01.05.

You may check the available minutes at any time, quickly and free of charge, by dialing the following code from the menu of your telephone: *123# (option 2) from the Telenor Menu.

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