Service management

Dear customers, since 28.11.2017 the management of the service tgrough calls to voice number 147 is not available. You will be able to manage the FunCall service through mobile portal on and other channels for service administration.

Order via SMS

You can order a Fun Call melody by sending an SMS to number 147, containing the code of the selected melody.

You can select and send a Fun Call melody as a gift to a friend. He or she need to be a Telenor user and to have subscription to the service Fun Call.

Each melody ordered via SMS automatically becomes a default Fun Call melody. It is stored in your Private collection, which can be accessed from the automatic voice menu by dialing 147.

Each new melody ordered via SMS changes your default Fun Call melody with the last one ordered.

If the service Fun Call has not been activated, it becomes active with the first ordered melody.

Order through MyMenu (*123#)

You can order а FUN Call melody by dialing *123# from your phone and select one of the ring back tones found in:

Zabavlenie-> FUN Call -> Porachay melodia for private customers on a postpaid plan;
Uslugi->FUN Call-> Porachay melodia for customers using a prepaid plan*.

*In the period from 18.04.2017 - 17.05.2017, every customer of a prepaid plan for mobile voice services can purchase every promotional ring back tone in MyMenu for the price of 0.60 BGN per 30 days (old price: 1.80BGN/ per 30 days).

Respective ring back tones will be automatically renewed as per the General Terms of FUN Call Service, for the same price for each 30 day period, unless the customer has deactivated the automatic renewal according to the General Terms of Service.

Promotional ring back tones:

Sak Noel and Salvi

Поли Генова и Графа

If the FUN Call service is not activated, the first purchase ring back tone will activate it.

Service management by dialing *123#

Besides ordering FUN Call melodies, My Menu provides you with additional opportunities for service management:

"Aktiviray profil" (Activate profile) – by choosing this option from MyMenu, all your ring back tones will be heard randomly when people dial your number;

"Avtomatichno podnovyavane" (Automatic renewal) - by selecting this option, you can set whether you want or not your ring back tones to be automatically renewed after their validity expires;

"Deaktiviray FUN Call" (Deactivate FUN Call) - if you select this option, your service will be deactivated. In this case, your entire profile will be deleted – this includes purchased ring back tones, settings, etc.

It is good to know that:

The maximum number of purchased melodies per month is 10.
The maximum number of melodies stored in your Private collection can be 50.
The maximum number of contacts that can be included in a group is 20.
The maximum number of single contacts that can be stored is 100.
The maximum number of melodies, which can be set for a group or a contact is 5.

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