Single Top Up

You may choose a single top up of a Telenor prepaid card in one of the following ways:

  • By SMS:

    Send a free text message to number 1818 with content “08XXXXXXXX,Y”

    08ХХХХХХХХ is the number of the recipient and Y is the total amount, a whole number between 6 and 15 BGN, which you’d wish to add to the prepaid card. The separate components of the message (the number of the recipient and the amount) need to be separated by comma, with no intervals in-between.

  • Through the Telenor menu:

    On your phone’s keyboard, type *123# and press the calling button.
    There will be a menu, appearing on the phone screen, with options for different checks and other available services:

    Select 8 (Prezarezhdane) for prepaid card top up and press the calling button. During the next two steps, you need to consecutively enter the number of the recipient and the amount in BGN (in whole numbers between 6 and 15 BGN) and wait for the result of the transaction.

  • Through the МyTelenor web portal:

    It is necessary to be registered in the MyTelenor web portal.

    Load on your computer or smartphone, enter your mobile number and the password for website access, and select consecutively “Online Payment” and “Single Top Up”. During the following steps, please enter the number of the prepaid card, which you’d wish to top up, and the code, which you have received by SMS, sent to your number.