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For us at Telenor, being “green” is the responsible behavior of the company and its employees toward the environment. Through our long-term strategy for environmental sustainability we strive to continuously minimize the environmental footprint of the company and are persistent in our efforts to preserve nature.

Our environmental strategy is focused on the implementation of solutions to environment protection issues in four main areas:

offering sustainable products and services

recycling mobile phones, batteries, and accessories for mobile phones

responsible use of energy and other resources and materials

support for public ecological projects

We realize our role of informing the community about the ways of sustainable behavior and to encourage such behavior in our employees and clients, as well as in our partners and suppliers.F

Environmental Policy

ISO 14001:2015

The ISO 14001 certificate, or the Certificate for Environmental Management System is a proof of the success of our long-term sustainability strategy. It guarantees our effectiveness in measuring, controlling and constantly decreasing the harmful environmental impact from all aspects of our activities. The results from the Environmental Management System can also be seen in our Corporate Responsibility Reports.

See the certificate

Join Telenor’s green projects:

Make your old mobile phone useful. Recycle!

Bring your old mobile phone for recycling at our retail chain, because both precious metals and plastic are extracted from the mobile phones, which are then re-used. Moreover, you will prevent the environment from getting polluted permanently.
Instead of wondering what to do with your old useless mobile phone, bring it for recycling at one of our stores, nearest to you. In November 2008, the company started a national campaign for recycling of mobile phones, batteries, chargers, hands-free devices and other mobile phone accessories. The initiative has the ambition to change human indifference and minimize the harmful effect that electronic waste has on the environment in Bulgaria.

A mobile phone with a timer

Disarm your mobile phone by sending it to the future from where it will come back in the form of some of the precious materials it has been made of.

Facts speaking:

About 44% of the people around the world keep their old mobiles at home just because they do not know that they can do something useful with them.

If wrongly thrown out in nature, a single battery can poison about 600,000 liters of priceless water - this is the amount that a 4-member family from • Germany uses for two years, and the same family from Mozambique - for more than 102 years.
Source: 360data.org

A battery, thrown out in a wrong way, liberates toxins (nickel-cadmium and mercury) in the soil which can penetrate food and cause irretrievable changes in a person’s health.

We hope…

… that each of the 4 million Telenor subscribers will give back his/her old phone. Thus, valuable materials such as gold, silver, platinum, lithium, nickel, plastics will be re-used. Then nature will continue giving its best for me, you and everybody else. Then we will witness an eco-lifestyle being born. Then our children’s future will be better.

Facts speaking:

Bulgarian dump-grounds are situated on an area, larger than 3,000 football fields. If we recycle garbage, this area will become significantly smaller and the money earned from the recycled materials, will go back into the economy.

6 months after being produced, over 90% of the goods (or their packaging) turn into trash.

In 2020 Europe will produce 45% more trash than in 1995.

World recycling industry processes 600 million tons of waste per year and generates an income of over 160 billion USD.


The road of the mobile phone:

All out-of-use mobile devices, batteries and other accessories, picked at our retail chain, are given to licensed organizations, conducting separate disposal, transportation, temporary warehousing, preliminary treating, recycling, reusing and/or securing of out-of-use electronic and electrical equipment. Telenor does not have the legal rights to claim ownership over any of the above pointed equipment or parts of it, neither receives any income out of its gathering and delivery.

Each page matters. Cancel the paper copy of your invoice

You can easily save millions of trees each year by minimizing your paper consumption. You can give up your paper invoice and analytical bill by choosing its much more convenient and functional online alternative in MyTelenor web portal. There you can see your latest invoices, as well as download and save them in your preferred format.

Give it a try! It is very easy and environmentally-friendly!

Facts speaking:

The recycling of one ton of paper waste saves 17 old trees, 800 kg. cellulose, 200 m³ water and 810 КWh of electricity - energy, enough to satisfy the needs of a family for 5 months.

For one year the 17 trees we saved can absorb 114 kg of carbon dioxide. Burning the same quantity of paper (1 ton) will produce 679 kg. of carbon dioxide.

Approximately 1.1 billion ink cartridges are used worldwide annually. If they are placed in a line, it will be almost 68 times longer than the equator.

Data: EPA