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Telenor is among the largest companies in Bulgaria and a corporate responsibility and innovation leader in the telecommunications market. We provide services to millions of customers and work in cooperation with a number of partners in order to provide and offer our wide range of services and products. We do realize that our ethical attitude towards them is the basis for our long-term success as a company. Ethical competition and marketing are as important to us as meeting our clients’ needs. We believe that with our operations and investments we contribute to improving the quality of services, reducing unfair practices and protecting market economy principles.

Responsible Customer Service

Telenor focused on quality customer service within all customer contact points – the Call Center, stores, and Internet. To us, the most important objective is to ensure their ease by making every endeavour to provide the necessary information to each customer as fast and properly as possible, and with due care for his convenience, without any transfers and waiting.

We actively seek the opinion of our customers since it is important to us by defining the direction of our work. Feedback is received through customer satisfaction surveys, conducted by the Call Center (ICCA ), and various types of marketing research.

Sustainable Products and Services

Our strongest characteristic is the offering of products and services that help customers meet the challenges of the contemporary world, such as time and resource constraints, as well as environmental problems. Through the Cancellation of the paper copy of the invoice and Е-invoice services, Telenor offers its clients the option to abandon the paper invoice and instead access an online review of their monthly invoice and detailed log. By taking advantage of the Electronic recharge of prepaid services all customers can recharge their credit fast and easily via ATMs or their computer through the payment websites or If the client has a mobile number with a postpaid plan, they can recharge it with a single SMS. An excellent way to save paper is the electronic voucher.

Other sustainable products and services include:

  • • Online payment of bills
  • • Online services management (self-care)
  • • Payment via mobile phone
  • • Machine-to-machine connection (M2M)

Find out more about all products and services offered by Telenor in the Plans & Services section.

Responsible Supply Management

We work towards achieving high standards of business conduct, working conditions and environmental management internally. We expect the same approach from those with whom we do business.

All suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with us and offer us products or services must adhere to our Supplier Conduct Principles. These principles spell out the minimum standards that we expect to see achieved over time. We will monitor compliance through a systematic, risk based approach.

Download Supplier Conduct Principles (PDF 32 KB)