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Step 1 – The user enters (or chooses from a list) the cusmore number, for which a payment will be made.

Step 2 – All due payments for the selected customer number are displayed on the next page. The user enters the amount he wish to pay at that time.

Step 3 – At this step the user is redirected to the online payments page of BORICA via an encrypted SSL connection. There, the user enters the card details, necessary for the payment authorization - type of the card, card number, expiration date and security code.

The card details, necessary for the payment authorization, are only to be entered by the user on the online payments page of BORICA, located on the BORICA servers. These details are not disclosed to Telenor under any circumstance.

Step 4 – After a successful payment authorization, the user receives a confirmation to the email address, entered in their MyTelenor profile. Private customers also receive an SMS message confirmation to the number used for logging in to the portal. The processed payment is recorded in the “Transaction History” section with all the details of the transaction: amount, subscriber number, transaction ID, time stamp, etc.

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To take advantage of the online payments service you can use credit or debit cards with the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or BORIKA.

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Yes. You can pay your bill, as well as the bill for somebody else’s client number.

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There are no restrictions for the minumum and maximum payments you can made through our online payments service. Keep in mind that there might be limits set to your card by the card-issuing bank.

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You can instruct a payment for one subscriber number a maximum of 5 times within 24 hours.

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The use of the online payments service is completely free of charge after a registration at the My Telenor portal. It is possible that the the card-issuing bank charges you certain fees for payments at a POS terminal or payments with credit/debit cards. For more information, please contact the card-issuing bank.

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