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In case you are aware that you will not be able to answer your calls, you do not want to receive calls or your phone battery has no power left, you can still receive all your calls on another phone, fixed or mobile, or you can divert all your calls to Voice Mail.

Your phone will not ring, even if it is switched on and the person calling you will be notified that his call is diverted.


How does it work

The Call Divert service gives you the option of diverting your incoming calls to a telephone number of your choice. For more information how to activate this service read your handset manual.

You may divert your incoming calls in the cases when:

your mobile is switched off or you are outside Telenor network coverage area;

you do not answer the phone;

your line is busy.

If you wish, you can divert all your incoming calls to a telephone number of your choice. This means that your mobile phone will not be alerting you for incoming calls, until you cancel this diversion.

Attention: If you have activated call diversion for all your incoming calls and another type of diversion simultaneously, only diversion of all incoming calls will operate. 

If you cancel the diversion to a telephone number, you may again activate call diversion to your Voice Mail. 

Cancellation of call diversion for all incoming calls restores the action of the other diversions according to their settings. 


How much does it cost

Call divert of incoming calls to your voice mail is free.


How do I get the service

Telenor provides Call Divert service automatically upon registration.

The service is available for Postpaid plans only.

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