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With the new subscription plan Junior 13,67 by Telenor and MyKi kids watch, you can rest assured that your child will communicate with you freely whenever he or she wishes to, And with the MyKi mobile app corresponding to the watch, you'll know where the little one is at any moment. The Junior 13,67 plan offers you and your child:
Unlimited national minutes to mobile numbers from the Telenor network in Bulgaria;
Unlimited traffic for video calls in Bulgaria and the EU Zone *;
50 minutes to all national mobile and fixed networks in Bulgaria, which also apply to outgoing calls from the European Union (EU Zone) roaming zone to countries in the same zone, including Bulgaria, upon requested roaming service;
10 MB Mobile Internet at maximum reachable speed in Bulgaria and roaming in the EU Zone, calculated in accordance with the fair use policy provided for in implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2286, upon requested roaming service ;

* Applies for video calls to the MyKi Junior mobile application where the watch is registered or to another Myki Junior watch, thus not spending from the included MB in the plan.

How to subscribe?

Any new or existing Telenor customer can subscribe to Junior 13,67 plan by concluding a new 12 or 24-month contract:
for a new SIM card when purchasing in cash or on lease a MyKi Junior, MyKi Touch or MyKi Watch kids watch
for an existing SIM card when purchasing in cash or on lease a MyKi Junior, MyKi Touch or MyKi Watch kids watch.

It is good to know that:

The minimum initial time for charging national calls is 60 seconds, after which the charging is per a minute.
The provided volume of 10 MB is valid for Bulgaria and roaming in the EU Zone at maximum speed through the Telenor 2G / 3G network, and after it is depleted the speed drops to 64 kbps.
The initially defined credit limit for this subscription plan is 20 BGN.
Customers using the Junior subscription plan cannot activate additional mobile internet add-ons.
You can receive an invoice in an electronic format that you can see at any time after a one-time registration on the уMyTelenor web portal. Furthermore, you can also receive information about used services and amounts due by email.

Important: When the SIM card is used with the watch, the watch depending on its model has a limit for recording a given quantity of numbers to which calls can be made. These numbers can be changed at any time through the corresponding MyKi application.

See all other services prices.

Spending and validity, tariffing and charging

The included minutes per month, that are not spent during the relevant billing cycle, are not transferred to the next.
ЗFor the period from the activation of the subscription plan to issuing the first invoice, you will receive a proportional number of the included monthly minutes for a proportionate part of the monthly subscription. The minimum initial time for charging national calls is 60 seconds, after which the charging is per a minute.
Price per minute for national calls after spending the included minutes is 0.32 BGN. per minute.
Outgoing national and roaming calls from the EU Zone to countries in the same zone, including Bulgaria, are charged per minute with a minimum initial charging time of 60 sec.

See all other services prices..

MB tariffing and charging

The included national MB at maximum reachable speed, as well as those for roaming in the EU Zone that are not spent during the relevant billing cycle, are not transferred to the next.
After depletion of the included in the plan megabytes at maximum reachable speed, provided in total for Bulgaria and for roaming in the EU Zone, the speed of Internet traffic drops to 64 Kbps.
For the period from the activation of the subscription plan to issuing the first invoice, you will receive the full number of the included monthly national MB and MB for roaming in the EU Zone, for the proportionate part of the monthly subscription.
The internet traffic is realized only through an Access Point Name (APN) - telenorbg.
The tariffing of data for each session in Bulgaria is accurate to kilobytes when over 5 KB (kilobytes) per session are spent. When less than 5 KB are spent, charging is for 5 KB.
The minimum initial and subsequent tariffing for data roaming in the European Union Zone is 1KB.
Access to mobile Internet is provided only through the 2G/3G network of Telenor

The stated prices and conditions for data and voice transmission refer to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and in the EU Zone. If traffic in roaming is generated, tariffing and charging shall be made according to prices and terms of Telenor for services in roaming.

Usage of minutes for roaming in the European Union

You can use the specified number of minutes per month from the corresponding subscription plans for outgoing roaming calls in the EU Zone to mobile and fixed numbers from networks of operators in the EU Zone.
You do not need to activate the roaming service to use the minutes and the MB in roaming in the EU Zone. In case you have disabled the roaming service at your own will, you could reactivate it. See how to manage the roaming service here.

Changes to the contract or the subscription plan

You can change your subscription plan after the first month of the initial term of use of the services with this plan. No limitation shall be applied to the number of changes within the duration of the contract, provided that they are carried out only once per a billing cycle.
You can change a subscription plan only towards such with the same or higher monthly subscription fee and against a single fee to change a subscription plan during the term of a contract.
Plan Junior 11.99 is activated when providing a new SIM card with a new mobile number. A transition to this plan is not possible from another plan during an active contract.

In case of a change in the subscription plan, the unspent minutes / MB, as well as the promotional terms and conditions, if such are granted for the previous subscription plan are being lost, and new ones are granted if the new subscription plan includes such.

The stated prices and conditions for data transmission and voice transmission refer to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria unless explicitly specified otherwise.

European Union Zone (EU Zone) includes: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Canaries, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Madeira, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint-Martin, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Åland Islands, Vatican City State.

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See your child, wherever it is, with the new MyKi Junior

Let's be honest – in the dynamic world we are living in, the time we have for our children is getting more and more scarce. When you go to work or have extraordinary engagements, the image of the little mischief you miss is always on your mind. On top of that, you cannot stop worrying about what is he doing, and you just cannot get out of the pile of papers, reports, and meetings.

And although we cannot do much about the busy schedule, we have a not-bad idea to get you close to your child at any time and from any distance. The new MyKi Junior is here to help, in addition to showing the time, it can connect you with the child whenever you want. And as technology is constantly advancing, you can not only hear your heirs, but also see them in their full brilliance thanks to the new two-way video call feature. As additional bonus, the new watch in the series also offers four funny and educational games so your little ones never get bored.

To connect the clock to your smartphone, you need to download and activate the free of charge MyKi Junior mobile application through the Google Store or App Store, then enter the 10-digit serial number of the device (ID is shown on the box) and number of SIM which it is used with.

Video and Voice calls

The new functionality of the MyKi clocks series now allows video calls between the clock and a smartphone that features the MyKi Junior application. Similar to the other models in the series, voice calls are supported, with no limit in quantity to the numbers from the address book. The only condition for connectivity is the presence of an active SIM card in the clock.

Watch to Watch communication

The Children can add friends to their contact list by connecting their MyKi Junior devices. Once you approve the friendship between the children through the MyKi Junior application, they will be able to chat and exchange photos, voice and emotions messages.

Allowed numbers

Through the Contacts menu on the app, the numbers that are allowed to communicate with the child can be added. And as we can guess, they can be many. That's why the new MyKi Junior has no limit to the number of contacts you can add to the Family and Friends groups. If you want, you can give the same rights to other family members to track and communicate with the clock. To do this, install the MyKi Junior application on all other smartphones that will have access to the clock. This way, Grandma and Grandpa will also be able to know what is going on with the little one and when he or she will come to visit them.

Exact location

MyKi Junior provides information about the child's location within 10 meters in open spaces thanks to the built-in GPS receiver. This way, the parents can track at any moment the location of the child carrying the watch. This option is available in the MyKi Junior application. The "Location History" section shows the child's movement throughout the entire day. The app keeps history of visited locations and routes within the last 30 days.

Safety zones

With this option of the app, you can now define a Quick Safe Zone in a Wi-Fi area, such as within a friend's house, school, or at home. This helps to locate the child indoors. If the child leaves this zone, parents will be notified immediately on their smartphone via the MyKi Junior application.

SOS feature

For greater safety of the child, the clock allows you to dial predefined numbers through the mobile application using the main button on the device.

Personalization opportunities

Now the children have a variety of options to change their home screen of their MyKi Junior clock. They can change the appearance of the display, choose between three different hour and date formats, and theme color. The clock also has three different ringtones for calls, messages, and alarms. You can choose whether the device is in vibration mode or quiet mode depending on the specific case. Still, it will not be nice for the clock to ring while the child decides math problems on the board in front of the class, does it?

Games and applications

The device has more useful gadgets like calculator, flashlight, accelerometer for tracking steps, distance and calories burned. As we all know, physical activity is very important for the proper development of children. That's why, through the MyKi Junior application on your phone, you can become your child's personal trainer. This is done by setting your daily targets for mileage or calories burned according to weight and height by using your smartphone. This will motivate the child to maintain physical shape. This way you will motivate the child to maintain physical shape.

In addition, the clock has four fun educational games that will help the child to kill the boredom while waiting for you to come home.

It is important to note that the MyKi Junior smartphone application allows you to limit the games for a time interval you set. In the rest of the time they will not be active, which will allow the child to emphasize on lessons.

Chat and messages

Nowadays video and voice functions are never enough for a child. This is why MyKi Junior can do more things, such as sending and receiving text, pictures, emoji and voice messages.

Alarms and schedules

Nowadays, children have no less responsibilities than adults. School, homeworks, extracurricular activities and what else not. The MyKi Junior smartphone app offers an option to set alarms and reminders for wake-up, going to school, sleep and other that sync automatically with the clock.

The MyKi Junior watch comes with the MyKi Junior mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.
To use the MyKi Junior watch you require a SIM card and connection to the Internet. Telenor offers the device with plan Junior 12.99. For the use of the MyKi Junior mobile application, Internet connection is also needed.
• The Myki Junior mobile application is not provided by Telenor, but by a third person - Alterco Robotix Ltd. and upon registration the user should accept the general conditions of Alterco Robotix Ltd.
• In regard to the above, Telenor does not bare responsiblity for the availability of the application and the information stored therein, for the functions or content of or on the application. Telenor Bulgaria does not bare responsibility and can not control the changes in the application and the introduction of new or removal of existing functionalities on it etc.

Детски часовници

Colorful Capacitive Touchscreen Display, OGS

1,44” Colorful touch-sensitive screen
High resolution 240 х 240 pixels
Bright and saturated colors, 16M
Camera: 0,3 Mpx

Innovative interface

Intuitive and easy to use regardless of the age of the child.


Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, Location-Based Service(LBS), GPS , Google maps tracking, Real-time location, Positioning accuracy up to 10 meters, Location history.

Safety zones for the kid

Thanks to the Wi-Fi technology, you can create a Quick safe zone.

-If your child leaves a specified perimeter, you will immediately get a message about that.
-It's also enough to specify which Wi-Fi network the watch to use and you do not even need to know the password for that network


The MyKi watch stores information about the movement of the clock and the calls to and from it, so that if the connection to the server is unexpectedly lost, it will be able to update it once it has been restored.


500 mAh / 72 hours in standby mode. MyKi has a built-in battery that can be charged with a standard micro USB charger.

Speaker and microphone

Through the microphone, camera, and speaker of the GPS / GSM clock, the child can make voice and video calls as well as record voice and / or video messages which can be send to the parent through the MyKi Junior chat via the app installed on the parent's smartphone.

Micro USB

The slot is used to charge the MyKi watch. Charging the device can be done both through the power supply and the computer.

PlanMonthly feeLease pricePrice in cashTotal per month
BGN in cash
BGN in cash
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Price in cash, without subscription 

The stated leasing prices are per month upon signing of a 12 or 24-month leasing contract and upon signing a contract for mobile services with plan Junior 12.99 for the same term.

These monthly lease payments do not include a monthly subscription for the plan.

It is possible to purchase a MyKi watch in cash at a preferential price when signing a contract for plan Junior 12.99.

The MyKi watch can be purchased without a contract for mobile services at the stated price without a plan included.

If there is a discrepancy between the price listed in the Price section and the one quoted in any Telenor store, the price announced in the store has an advantage. This rule does not apply to products purchased through Buy Online.

Offers are valid until stocks are exhausted.

The device has a 2-year warranty in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

All prices are in BGN with VAT included.

It is good to know:

To use the MyKi Junior watch functionalities, you need to sign up on the MyKi Junior app, which is provided by a third party through a compatible operating system.
Video calls made through the MyKi Junior watch if used with a Telenor plan are made through the Telenor network
Video calls made through the MyKi Junior app with the watch are made through the network used by the application user and spent the MBs on the respective operator’s network.
The MyKi Junior phone and application can also work in roaming, according to standard mobile phone and call rates in the non-EU country. The EU-wide roaming consumption is spent on the total EU consumption for Bulgaria and the EU zone.
Upon exhausting the total MBs consumption included for Bulgaria and the EU on Telenor's Junior 12.99 plan, the connection speed drops to 64 kbps.