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Telenor Digital Services
Telenor Digital Services

Digital services are an integral part of people's lives and Telenor strives to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful services to make it easier or make your everyday life more fun and interesting.

And with Telenor's 4G network, the experience with each of these services is better.

Watch the important matches in Telenor's network!

PLAY DIEMA XTRA is a streaming broadcast service for the sports channels Diema Sport and Diema Sport 2. Through it and our 4G network you will be able to enjoy the interesting meetings through your high-quality device.

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Your favorite movies and series with the Telenor 4G network and HBO GO

HBO GO is online service for video streaming. Thanks to it and to our mobile network you can enjoy watching movies and series with high quality through your device.

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Store and share your favorite moments safely and easily with Capture

Capture helps you to free up storage on your smartphone or tablet – upload all your photos and videos in the app and share them with friends and family.

Every registered user no matter if he is a Telenor subscriber or not, gets 2 GB free storage in Capture.

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My Contacts

My Contacts is an app which easily transfers, stores and edits your contacts. You can be sure that the changes you perform will automatically apply, regardless you use the mobile or the web-based version of the application.

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Pay with Telenor

Buy apps and content through your device and Pay with Telenor fast and easy.

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The Telenor 4G / LTE network already covers over 6500 km of roads and highways

В момента 4G/LTE мрежата на Теленор обхваща 610 селища с население над 1000 жители и много други по-малки, като над 200 от тях бяха добавени чрез разширение на покритието през последните няколко месеца.

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