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Buba Play is a video service with children's TV channels, episodes, movies and songs (to make sure it's never going to be quiet).

Buba Play offers popular children's TV channels and many more favorite children's animated characters, shows, movies and songs in one place, specially designed for children;

Buba Play is a protected environment where the content is fully compliant with the children's audience, where there is no risk for the child to find inappropriate content;

Buba Play can be used on any device - mobile phone, tablet, computer and TV (see the Questions & Answers tab);

Акценти за януари

Cartoon Network
„Виктор и Валентино“
Сезон 2
От 18 януари всеки делник от 16.00 ч.
Уикенд маратони От 16 януари всеки уикенд от 13.00 ч.
„Гризи и лемингите“
Сезони 1 и 2
Всеки ден Всеки ден от 07.00 ч.
Зимни маратони Всеки ден Всеки ден от 09.00 ч.
Let's Play Detective От 18 януари всеки ден от 08.00 ч.
Зимно веселие със „Скуби-Ду“ и „Том и Джери“ Всеки ден Всеки ден от 11.00 ч.
Disney Channel
Слушай публиката
Сезон 2
Всеки делничен ден Всеки делничен ден от 19 ч.
Големият град на Грийнс
втори сезон, нови епизоди
от 30 януари Всеки уикенд от 16 ч.
Елена от Авалор
трета сезон, нови епизоди
от 9 януари Всеки уикенд от 08:00 и от 15:30 ч.

Activate Buba Play as an additional package


1 month


Through the
MyTelenor app

6,99 BGN

Activation Buba Play
as an additional package


1 month


MyTelenor app

6,99 BGN

Activate access to Buba Play

1.Enter the MyTelenor app.
2.Activate the service in a position if your plan includes access to it or activate it as an additional package.
3.Copy the code you will get in the MyTelenor app and click on the Download Buba Play button.
4.The Buba Play Download button takes you to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, where you need to download the app.
5.Once you have Buba Play installed, go to the Account menu and sign in with your account if you have an existing one or create a new one. When creating the profile, you should check the general terms of the app provider and accept them.
6.If you have an existing profile, enter your code (the one you received from the MyTelenor app) in the Buba Play Application Code menu.
7.If you do not have an account in the service, enter your code (the one you received from the MyTelenor application) in the Code field when registering.
8.If you have an existing Buba Play account, keep in mind that you must terminate the subscription you pay for it before you start accessing the service via Telenor.

Download the app from here:

Buba Play is a streaming video service that is provided by third party Media Services EOOD. In this regard, Telenor is not responsible for the availability of the website or application through which the service or content is provided.

The user has no right to distribute the service and its content to third parties, including for any commercial or public purposes, as well as commercial or public places.

General information

Select one of our Total + plans that offer the opportunity to use the service by activating it as a service in your tariff plan. If your plan does not include a digital services access position, you can activate the service as an additional package.

With one subscription, you can install Buba Play on up to 4 different devices, and you can watch it again at 4 at one time. You do not have to pay extra for using the service on different devices.

No, you can install it for free.

In this case, there are two options - you can activate the service as an add-on package to your subscription plan, or switch to one of our new Total + tariff plans, which includes a position for free access. This will allow you to use it at no extra charge for the first 12 months of your contract and at a preferential price for the second 12 months of its term.

From the date of signing of the Total + Subscription Plan contract with a position for free access.

Children's TV channels are offered the way they are broadcast through traditional cable and satellite operators in Bulgaria. If the channel is dubbed in Bulgarian, then in Buba Play is also dubbed, if the program is in the original language – so this way can be watched in Buba Play.

Yes, there is no difference. However, Buba Play has a rich catalog of movies, series and children's songs that can be watched on track, scrolled forward or backward.

You can download Buba Play from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Subscription and payment

Yes, you can do it through MyTelenor app at any time.

If you activate it in slot, you can use it for free the first 12 months of your contract. The second half you can use it at a preferential price for 4,99 BGN/month.

If your tariff plan includes a position/s for access to digital services, you can activate it as a position in slot. Otherwise you can activate it as an add-on packet.

If the service is activated in slot you can use it for free the first 12 months of your contract. If you decide to activate it as an add-on packet and you have never used it before, you will be able to get the one month free trial, to see if you like it.

Stop the subscription you are paying for Buba Play, sign a contract with Telenor and choose a tariff plan from the Total + portfolio, which gives you free slots for digital services, or you can add it as an add-on via MyTelenor app. After that you should follow the instructions showed in “Get Buba Play “ button.

If the service is activated as an add-on package, termination of access will take effect upon expiration of the current period for using the package for which it is paid. For example, if you paid for access to the service by June 20, and you stopped renewing the additional package on June 5, you will continue to have access to the content of the service until June 20.

If the service is activated in a position, deactivating it in a position terminates access to it immediately. Deactivating a service in a position before a month has passed since its activation will lead to the locking of the position and it will be marked as an "inaccessible position" by the expiration of this period.

The content of the service is available on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as within the EU for users temporarily traveling outside Bulgaria.

If you haven’t activated access to the service in a position within the first 12 months of your contract, you can activate it in a position also in the second 12 months for an additional monthly payment at a preferential price of 4.99 BGN / month.

If the service was activated in a position and you have not deactivated it before the start of the second 12 months of your contract, you will be charged extra monthly for a preferential price, whether or not you have used the service.

Technical information

About 400 megabytes per hour. A minimum of 3G coverage is required to use the service. With Video Traffic packet, you get 10,000 MB / month for Buba Play, HBO GO, Play DiemaXtra and Nickelodeon.

No. The service is for personal use and only the person with Telenor access should have access to this information.

Yes, you can use Buba Play on your TV using a Chromecast or Airplay device, or if your TV is smart, download the Buba Play application and sign in with an email and password. Get the activation code from the Profile menu at www.bubaplay.bg and enter it into the Buba Play app on your TV. See more in Compatible Devices and Technical Requirements.

For mobile devices: Use the Change password option, which you will see in the Account menu.
For web version: After selecting Login, select the Forgot Password option.

No, there is no option for changing your email address.