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Store easily, comfortably and safe all your photos and videos in capture

With Capture, you store and share your photos and videos easily and comfortably

All your favorite moments are in a safe place

You have access from any of your devices

You free up space on your smartphone or tablet

Save and share your precious moments easily and safely with Capture

Capture is the newest service available with Telenor's postpaid plans and some of the add-ons for prepaid plans. It helps you to free up storage on your smartphone or tablet – upload all your photos and videos in the app and share them with friends and family.

Every registered user no matter if he is a Telenor subscriber or not, gets 2 GB free storage in Capture.

Easy Upload

Download the app on your smartphone or tablet, register and start uploading all photos and videos available on your device.

Safe storing and sharing

The content uploaded to Capture is encrypted. And you can share photos and videos only with whom you decide.

Available on different devices

With one account you upload and access your photos and videos on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and the changes you make are synced on all your devices (if they are connected to the Internet).

Organize your favorite moments in Stories

With Capture you can share your memories in Story and you can invite your friends to add their photos and comments to it.

Free up storage on your smartphone or tablet

There is no more risk of not taking an important photo – with Capture you free up space on your device.

Anytime, in Bulgaria or abroad

Save, see and share all your precious moments anytime on your devices with 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection.

You can do that because you can use Capture both in Bulgaria and when you travel abroad.

Keep the quality of your photos

In Capture the photos and videos, which you upload are not being compressed and they keep their original size and quality.

Unlimited sharing

With Capture you can share unlimited number of files at the same time


Capture – save photos and videos

You love to take pictures with your smartphone but you lack of free storage on it. Now there is a solution – Capture easily saves all your photos and videos.


Capture – your memories in one safe place

Go through your photos and videos whenever you want and whichever device you have – smartphone, tablet or a PC. Capture keeps your memories.


Capture – share with friends

With Capture you can share photos and videos with friends and family.


АIf the answer is Yes, then it is good to know that Telenor no longer includes Capture in its subscription plans. But you can still use up to 2GB free storage in the cloud service.
If you use more than 2GB of storage and you have just changed your plan, then you need to take care and download your files and photos from the cloud within 30 days from the signing date of the new contract.
The content can be downloaded in parts – up to 2 GB at a time or up to 400 files. That's why it's a good idea to have in mind the time needed, according to the size of the photos / videos you have.
After these 30 days, the content will no longer be available.


2. Select “Log in” and enter your data

3. Mark the photos you want to download and select "Download" from the taskbar.

The selected files will be "packed" in an archive file and will start to be downloaded to the local disk on your computer or device.


1. Open the Capture App and select “Photos”

2. “Select photos”

3. From the menu at the top right (the three dots), select "Delete from Capture", "Save to phone" or "Share"

The selected files will be "packed" in an archive file and will start to be downloaded to the local disk on your computer or device.

This will allow you to save your photos and videos uploaded to Capture by downloading them to your phone, computer, or other physical device, as well as another photo storage space you can find on Google Play or Apple Store (such as Google Drive, iCloud, Google Photos, Flickr, etc.). If the available free space is not enough for you and you prefer to remain a Capture user, you could purchase extra storage using the Pay with Telenor service.

Do you use Capture?

If the answer is Yes, then it is good to know that Telenor no longer includes Capture in its subscription plans and you'll most likely need to take some actions to keep your files.

However, up to 2 GB of storage space in the cloud service can be used free of charge in the future as well. If you use more than 2 GB and want to keep your current storage available, we recommend that you visit to learn how to stay as an individual customer of the service, according to its tariff plans .

At the same time, upon termination of the service, Telenor Capture will send a system email notifying you that within 30 days of stopping the service, your data will be moved to the Recycle Bin before being deleted from the system. If you do not take any action in a timely manner before data is deleated, a reminder message will be sent to you. Upon expiry of the relevant deadline, large files / videos and new photos / video content will be removed until a volume of 2 GB is reached.

How to preserve your existing storage in Capture?

Through the Capture website or through its mobile app:

Go to: Select “Log in” and enter your data.

Download Capture app. Select "Log in" and enter your data.

From Settings, select Buy more storage.

Then choose what volume of cloud storage you'll need per month. Choose payment option - Pay with Telenor. Confirm the amount and you will be able to pay for the storage through your monthly bill.





Briefly said:

If you've used Capture so far, but your files have only been up to 2 GB, the news is great for you – no further action is required and you can use the service for free up to 2GB in the future.
If you've used Capture over 2 GB, you'll need to take action. You can either purchase additional storage space over these 2 GB according to Capture tariffs, or back up your files and transfer them to an alternative free cloud space. In any case, you will have 30 days from the date of your transition to the new subscription plan by Telenor to decide what to do.

Compatible operational systems and technical requirements

In order to use Capture, you need an internet connected device, which supports the app.

The app is available for Android (version 4.0. and above) and iOS (version 8.0 and above). The access to the web version of Capture is possible through java script supporting browser. The recommended browsers are the last three versions of the Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Photos and videos which you upload are accessible only by you. Data is encrypted with using a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Coding takes place on several servers located at Telenor Digital Centre for storing data in Norway.

Yes, when you delete a photo from Capture application, it will also be deleted from all the other devices connected to your account. Should you change your mind about deletion, there is a possibility to restore the file, but solely via web application.

To restore the deleted files, it is necessary to proceed, as follows:

Open Capture’s web portal and click the menu in upper right corner
Choose "Trash" option and mark the files you wish to restore, and then click "Restore files"

Capture application stores files in Recycle Bin for 30 days after deletion.

No, these files will be removed only from the device. All files from Capture account are safely stored on Capture servers and can be downloaded again by re-installation of Capture application.

No, you have to use the same account which you already have.

When you change devices, you can use the same account on your new device as well and by that you will see all your content uploaded to the app.

You can see FAQ section of the service here.