Your digital identity

Imagine that you forgot your username and password. Nightmare! But it is bound to happen sooner or later if you are using many usernames and passwords for different applications.

CONNECT allows you fast, easy and secure login and registration in digital services provided by Telenor or other companies from Telenor Group. You don't have to remember multiple passwords for Capture and My Contacts: you only need to create profile in one of these applications.

And for MyTelenor mobile application you only need to confirm your number with a PIN, generated and sent by CONNECT.

Login to multiple devices

Your account data is the same Данните за вход си остават същите, независимо дали използваш смартфон, лаптоп или компютър, стига услугата да се предлага за различни устройства.

One number per profile

Your mobile number becomes your online identity and you can use it to login to more and more digital services, provided by Telenor.

Different security levels

Different security levels are added to your profile depending on the service that you are using. Now you can easily check your current bill only with a PIN code.


CONNECT is a secure and easy to use solution that encrypts all your identification data.

Your profile in CONNECT is created automatically while executing the following steps from your registration in Capture or My Contacts

Fill in mobile number
Fill in your email address and press forward
Receive and fill in 4 digit PIN code and set your preffered password in order to complete the registration


Free up space on your smartphone or tablet with Capture - upload all your photos in the cloud and share them with ease.

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My Contacts

Transfer your contacts from one smartphone to another or store them safely only with few clicks.

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If you have created your profile in Capture, you don't have to create different profile for My Contacts. Just use your login data.

In the MyTelenor mobile application you only have to add your mobile number and confirm your identity via PIN code.

The design and user experience of CONNECT may differ based on the selected service. Complete information and registration steps may be found in the service's page.

CONNECT is not provided by Telenor, but a third party - Telenor Digital AS.

Because of this, Telenor is not responsible for the functionalities or content in CONNECT.
CONNECT provides a tool for online authentification.
CONNECT can be used only with a working internet connection.
CONNECT is meant for personal use only. Usage and propagation of CONNECT for any commercial or public purposes is strictly forbidden.
The customer has to accept the terms and conditions of the CONNECT provider upon registration.
The CONNECT traffic is Трафикът към CONNECT is deducted from the MB in the plan.
Telenor Bulgaria is not responsible and can't control the changes in CONNECT, applying of new functionalities, etc.

Important: CONNECT is used only for authentication within a service. The terms and policies for each service can be found in her web page and in terms and conditions upon registration:

Capture terms MyContacts terms

Authentification is the process of confirming the identity of a user of a certain service. It can be done via email confirmation, PIN code, sent via SMS or with automatic recognition of a number via the mobile network.

CONNECT is a secure tool for online authentification that grants access to multiple services.

Different services use CONNECT, because CONNECT grants easy and secure access.

No - upon successful registration in a digital service, your CONNECT profile is created automatically.

No - CONNECT works only with the services that use CONNECT for registration / login. At this moment the services are Capture, My Contacts and the mobile application MyTelenor.

You can access your profile and change your email address.

You can as well:

Change your password;
Stop access to a service;
See your payment history if it was paid by CONNECT.

Each registration SMS for Capture, MyContacts is sent by CONNECT.

The text of the SMS/email is different for each service.
For example:
Bulgarian version text: Capture: Vashiyat kod za potvarzhdenie za CONNECT e XXXX.

English version text: Capture: Your confirmation code for CONNECT is XXXX.

CONNECT uses the application language in order to send SMS. If the application is set to English, the SMS will be in English as well.

CONNECT is developed and distributed by Telenor Digital AS - a company that is part of Telenor Group, which creates global solutions for next generation communication services.

You are always informed – Telenor Digital are open about the way they collect and use your personal data;
Your data is used only with your consent and in order to use better and more suitable services for you;
Your data is confidential - they won't be shared with third parties;
Your security is a priority - the personal data is always stored in safe and secure place.