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Easy, that’s how this great service works.

How exactly this happens, you can see in the next two tabs, according to your smartphone's operating system. But from now on, buying content online will happen much more convenient and fast for you.


It's really easy because you just have to choose Pay with Telenor as a payment method for your App Store or Google Play and that’s it.


Once you have chosen Pay with Telenor, you can forget about entering your credit card information and the concerns about its security.


Practical and entertaining, this is Pay and Telenor. Whether you will get another game or the best application for astrology is entirely up to you. We'll just make sure everything happens easily and quickly.

Now, when you want to buy a new app, with Pay with Telenor it can be yours immediately. The cost for it will be charged to your monthly bill. And no, there is no risk of spending too much because Pay with Telenor has a limit based on the credit limit of your number. All about the topic is in the Terms tab.

Available only for Telenor customers.

You can pay quick and easy in App Store and Apple Music with Pay with Telenor.

Pay with Telenor

With Pay with Telenor, you can purchase content on App Store and Apple Music easily and quickly without a credit card:

1. Pick your content

2. Use Pay with Telenor

3. And the amount is added to your monthly bill

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Setup Mobilephone Billing

1. Open the App Store and scroll to the bottom. Tap your Apple ID.

2. Tap View Apple ID. Sign in with Touch ID or enter your Apple ID and password.

3. Tap Payment Information.

4. Select Mobile Phone as your payment type, then tap Done. Your account will now charge all future purchases to your mobile phone bill or pre-paid balance.

Setup from existing account

1. Tap Payment Information.

2. On the Account Settings screen, tap Mobile Phone to choose it as your payment type.

3. Tap Use This Mobile Number and then tap Done.

4. You’ll be returned to the App Store and are now ready to make purchases through your mobile service provider.

More information:

Pay with Telenor

With Pay with Telenor, you can purchase content on Google Play easily and quickly without a credit card:

1. Pick your content

2. Use Pay with Telenor

3. And the amount is added to your monthly bill

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You can buy applications and content for your Android devices, like games, productivity apps, travel, sport, navigation and many more. Just go to Google Play Store.

Most used apps with "Pay with Telenor"

1. Clash Royale

2. 8 Ball Pool

3. Gardenscapes - New Acres

4. Clash of Clans

5. Farm Heroes Saga

6. Candy Crush Saga

7. Google Play Музика

8. Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem

9. Mobile Legends: Bang bang

10. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

How can you purchase content?

1. Choose the content.

Go to Google Play Store trough your Android device and find applications and content that you want to purchase.

2.Buy applications and content

Choose the button with app/content price if you want to buy.

3.Accept the conditions, if you agree with them

Pressing the button ACCEPT you will give access to listed functions.

4.Confirm the purchase and the password of your profile.

5.After confirming the purchase and the password, the application will be paid, downloaded and installed on your device.

6.Successful payment

Once the payment is successfully made and your app is installed, then you can use it.


Select Settings

Choose “Require authentication for purchases“ and then select the available options.

Pay your Storytel subscription quickly and easily

You can pay your Storytel subscription quickly and easily with your account, thanks to the Pay with Telenor service

Why Storytel?

Storytel is an audiobooks and e-books subscription service and one of the largest streaming companies in the world with a presence in more than 20 markets. Storytel users in Bulgaria have access to a catalog of more than 2,000 titles in Bulgarian and 215,000 in English.

How to pay for your Storytel subscription via Telenor's mobile network?

To activate and pay for your Storytel subscription via Pay with Telenor:

1. Go to

2. Under Subscription plans choose Unlimited or Family

3. Create your profile with email and password.

4. Under Payment page, please select Mobile operator and Telenor Bulgaria. Type your phone number in the field.

5. You will receive a SMS with your unique PIN.

6. Use your PIN in the field to start your free trial for Storytel.

You can cancel anytime. After the expiration of the test period, in case that you dont cansel the subscriptions for the service, the amount for it will be automatically added to your Telenor bill or deducted from the credit of your prepaid card, for which you will receive an SMS.

Плащай светкавично през Fortumo

Вече можеш да плащаш за приложения, стрийминг услуги, онлайн покупки, чрез Плати с Теленор през един от водещите световни доставчици на дигитални разплащания Fortumo.

Плащай светкавично през Fortumo

Fortumo ти дава възможност да купуваш приложения и разнообразно съдържание направо през твоя телефон. Всичко става бързо и лесно. Щом видиш на съответния сайт, че доставчик на услугата за разплащане е Fortumo – Mobile payments, можеш да плащаш за стрийминг услуги, апликации, мобилни игри, продукти и услуги на онлайн търговци, достъп до сайтове. Осъществяваш истински мобилни покупки на съдържание – покупки на мига. Стойността на покупките се добавя директно към сметката на ползвания абонаментен план или се приспада от наличния кредит, ако си на предплатен план от Теленор.

Fortumo е сред водещите световни доставчици на услуги за мобилни разплащания и свързва разплащанията за дигитално съдържание с мрежата на мобилния оператор. Платформата за таксуване на Fortumo се използва от магазини за приложения, разработчици на дигитално съдържание и гейминг компании.

Как да заплатиш директно с телефон през мобилната мрежа на Теленор?

За да ползваш услугата Плати с Теленор през Fortumo, трябва само да направиш следното:

1. Влез в съответния сайт, избери съдържанието или приложенията, които искаш да закупиш и избери.

2. Изчакай, докато заявката се обработва и на екрана се изпише например:

3. Щом получиш известие, че плащането е успешно, можеш да ползваш закупеното съдържание или пакет

Как да заплатиш директно през компютър или Wi-Fi?

За да осъществиш плащане с Плати с Теленор чрез Fortumo през компютър или Wi-Fi, трябва да минеш през серия от стъпки:

1. Влез в съответния сайт, избери съдържанието или приложенията, които искаш да закупиш и избери

2. Избери оператор и въведи номера на мобилния си телефон

3. На сайта, от който купуваш се визуализира известие, че плащането е стартирано

4. Щом плащането е стартирано, на посочения номер ще получиш верификационен PIN код.

5. Въведи получения PIN код и избери OK

6. След като плащането е успешно, вече ще можеш да ползваш закупеното съдържание или пакет

The service is available to all residential customers on postpaid plans and prepaid Telenor services without any special activation requirements.

Available for Apple devices and devices with Android OS 2.2 or higher.
For each order, the customer will receive an SMS with information about the purchase made by him: Name of the purchased app or content, Amount added to the customer's bill or deducted from the credit on his prepaid card as well as date and time of purchase. In addition, the customer will receive a notification from Apple in their account or email from Google at the email address with receipt for each purchase.
The customer has the ability to track the history and details of the purchases made in the App Store account or at (for purchases from Google Play).
Pay with Telenor limit for buying applications and content:

30lv. for 30 days from the first purchase for customers who have a credit limit on the contract up to 100 BGN.
60lv. for 30 days from the first purchase for customers who have a credit limit on the contract more than BGN 100.
up to the amount of credit on the prepaid card, but not more than 20lv. for 30 days from the first purchase.

If a customer wishes to refuse this service, he should contact the 123 customer service center or visit a Telenor shop. The same is true when activating the service again.
For other purchase issues, more information can be obtained at for purchases from App Store or for purchases from Google Play .
For questions about applications, products, and their content, information can be obtained from the app or product provider.
Telenor is not responsible for the apps and content posted in the store (App Store or Google Play).

*Note: Customers can check their credit limit for free in My Menu by dialing * 123 # from your mobile phone's keypad and pressing OK>