Play Diema Xtra

PLAY Diema Xtra is a streaming service for various platforms and mobile devices that provides access to the live sports broadcasts Diema Sport and Diema Sport 2, which can be used on a pay-per-view basis event).

Easy to manage platform for watching sports events online
Available with flexible subscription capability through the subscription plan or extra package.

Registration is easy and convenient both in the web version and the mobile application.

PLAY Diema Xtra от Теленор

No subscription credit card with access to live channels Diema Sport and Diema Sport 2 is required *.
Customers can also use the service in the European Union zone **.

*Additional charge for the service is payable for access to pay-per-view (extra single events). We recommend that you do this by Pay with Telenor.

**The content of the service is available within the EU for users who temporarily travel outside Bulgaria. All matches are available from the Bulgarian Football Championships and the Bulgarian Cup.

Highlights for April

Premiere league

12 May

Newcastle United - Liverpool
4 May 21:45

Tottenham Hotspur - Everton
12 May 17:00

Liverpool - Wolverhampton Wanderers
12 May 17:00

Final playoff in the British League

Championship (for entry in the premiere league)
27 May 17:00

League 1 (for entry in the championship)
26 May 17:00

FA Cup

Final Manchester city - Watford
18 May 19:00

German Cup

Final RB Leipzig - FC Bayern Munich
25 May 21:00

Bulgarian first league

CSKA - Ludogorets
11 May 20:15

Ludogorets - Levski18 May 18:00

Levski - CSKA21 May 18:00

Bulgarian Cup

Final Botev Plovdiv - Lokomotiv Plovdiv
15 May 19:00

French league 1

Olympique Lyonnais – LOSC Lille
5 May 22:00

Olympique de Marseille – Olympique Lyonnais
12 May 22:00



Formula 1

Grand prix Spain race
12 May 16:10

Grand prix Monaco race
26 May 16:10

World Boxing super series

Boxing night in Glasgow,
Scotland super lightweigth ad bantamweight semifinals 218 May 21:30

How do I take PLAY Diema Xtra?

PLAY Diema Xtra is an online streaming service. Thanks to it and our 4G network, you can enjoy the broadcasts of the Diema Sport and Diema Sport sports channels through your high-quality device. To access PLAY Diema Xtra, you need to choose the appropriate subscription plan or an additional service access packet.


If access to the PLAY Diema Xtra service is included in your subscription plan, your unique sign-on code has been requested in one of the following ways:

Through MyTelenor Bulgaria mobile application
By sending a free SMS to 1414, with text with DiemaA for a subscription plan and DiemaA for an extra package. Upon successful activation, you will receive SMS with a link to download PLAY Diema Xtra and your unique registration code.

You can sign up with the PLAY Diema Xtra application or through the service's website:

See the plans for smartphone
See the plans for tablet and laptop


Through MyTelenor Bulgaria mobile application
By sending a free SMS to the number 1414, with text with the keyword DiemaA. Upon activation of the package, you will receive your unique SMS registration code as well as a PLAY Diema Xtra download link. Receive the code in the PLAY Diema Xtra application or through the service's website:

See the add-ons for smartphone See the add-ons for tablet and laptop

The registration of the PLAY Diema Xtra application requires a unique code Telenor provides when activating the service. You can activate the service by following the steps:

1. Go to MyTelenor Bulgaria app.
2. Select the Services section.
3. Next, select the Manage section.
4.Choose Add PLAY Diema Xtra.
5.Then select Activation.
6.Confirm Activation
7.The service is active
8.You will see your registration code and the cost of the service.

Activate through MyTelenor App to access PLAY Diema Xtra

If you do not have the application downloaded, select Download PLAY Diema Xtra and download the application for your device or log on to

1.Go to the downloaded PLAY Diema Xtra app and, from the menu in the home panel, select the three dots in the lower right corner.
2.A menu window opens, from which you select Login to start your registration.
3.If you have an account in the PLAY Diema Xtra application, enter your access data in the appropriate fields.
If you do not have a PLAY Diema Xtra account, select Click here to go to the next step.
4.To continue with your registration, fill in your names, enter e-mail and password, click - you must know that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions and the choice of consent to processing your personal data for marketing purposes. To go to the next step, click Sign Up.
5.Once your registration is already active, in the My Account section you can make your Settings and String settings. To complete your activation, select the three points in the bottom right corner and move on to the next step.
6.To activate the PLAY Diema Xtra add-on package or to confirm service activity within your subscription plan, select from the Subscriber Access menu via the operator to enter the provided log-in code.
7.Enter the code provided by Telenor and confirm the activation of the service.

Registration and activation in the PLAY Diema Xtra application

General Information

PLAY Diema Xtra is a platform that gives access to great sports on a PC, mobile phone and tablet. Sports events on the preferred mobile device or PC in HD with excellent image quality of the DIEMA SPORT and DIEMA SPORT 2 channels.

To use the service, the client must have an active subscription and register with the PLAY Diema Xtra or mobile app.

The PLAY Diema Xtra app for Android smartphones and tablets is available on the Google Play Store and iPhone and iPad devices can download it from the App Store.

The download of the PLAY Diema Xtra app is absolutely free on all supported platforms. However, subscription is required to view content.

Access to the PLAY Diema Xtra is included in the plan for a period of 12 months, after which, if there is an active registration, a monthly fee is charged for the service according to the Price List. In case you have not registered or renounced your registration, a monthly fee for using the service is not due. Upon registration, you can access the service on up to 5 devices at no extra cost. The content of PLAY Diema Xtra is only available on up to 2 registered devices at a time.

"A" group of the Bulgarian Championship (First Professional Football League), "B" Group of the Bulgarian Championship (Second Professional Football League), National Cup of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Premier League, The FA Cup, the English Football League, the French Football League (Ligue 1), the French Football Cup (Coupe de la Ligue), the German Football Cup, the NBA, Formula 1, Volleyball Supercup in Bulgaria and the Volleyball Super League, International Gala Evenings and Meetings ie professional boxing and others.

The content of PLAY Diema Xtra is the same on all platforms.

Access and registration

Activation of Telenor access and account registration in the service are required to access the content available for viewing. Registration can be made either through the PLAY Diema Xtra mobile app or

Sign up and choose the free event to test the platform. You can watch content provided by PLAY Diema Xtra if the service is provided in your monthly subscription free of charge within the first 12 months of signing the contract or you take it as an extra package with a 1-month test period on the first activation.

Can I view the available content before access and sign-in activation.

You can watch the TV program and the list of single sports events.

The prices of individual events may change depending on the special event or change in the tariffs of New Broadcasting Group AD.

Telenor access only provides live access to the DIEMA SPORT and DIEMA SPORT 2 channels at PLAY Diema Xtra. If you missed an interesting match, you can buy it as a single event and watch it on the record within 7 days of its broadcast.

Through the mobile app, you can pay through the App Store or the Google Play Store, with the event fee charged to your monthly mobile invoice.

The content of PLAY Diema Xtra is available within the EU for consumers who travel temporarily outside of Bulgaria. World Cup matches are available from the Bulgarian Football Championships and the Bulgarian Cup.

No, this service does not enter the subscription plan. In order to activate it, you need to switch to a subscription plan that offers it or purchase an additional PLAY Diema Xtra package.

Depending on whether the service was included in the subscription plan for the first year or used it as an extra package, you will pay 5.99 BGN or 6.99 BGN respectively.

The service is offered as a stand-alone package at a price of BGN 6.99. Including it in the packages we offer high-quality sports content, which is only for our subscribers. We believe that half of the term of the contract is enough time to test the service and discover its benefits. If it continues after 12 months until the end of the contract period, a preferential price of BGN 5.99 is paid, and so the additional value is 2.99 BGN monthly average.

During the second year of the contract in which access to the service was included, it remains accessible. However, if you do not have a registration in the PLAY Diema Xtra application, you will not be able to use it until you activate the service and confirm payment of a monthly subscription of BGN 5.99.

No monthly subscription is due in the second year provided you are not registered in the app.

For the entire duration of the contract, there will be no change to the monthly subscription amount if you do not activate the service within the first or second year.

To order to use the terms of access to Play Diema Xtra via Telenor, you need to stop your own subscribtion to Play Diema Xtra. Then choose Pay with operator and enter the code you receive when you activate the service in MyTelenor App.

PLAY Diema Xtra application

No. The service is for personal use and only the person granted access by Telenor should have access to this data.

Sports events are available for viewing within 7 days of the date they are broadcast. Before you buy a subscription, please make sure the record is available when you intend to view it.

In the "More" tab you can ask whether to see the results of the matches played or not.

View the list in Events. For ease of use, events can be filtered by league, championship or tournament.

In Live, you can always find the current broadcast times. Access to live broadcasts depends on the country where you are using the service.

Yes, if they are on the list of match entries available for viewing.

Technical information

You can share content on your TV using AirPlay or Google Chromecast.

The content is viewed in real time and can not be stored locally.

The quality of the video streaming varies according to the speed of the internet connection to avoid distortion and worsening of the picture. With excellent connectivity, the video streaming is available in HD (4500 kbps), and with a weak connection it can be up to 150 kbps.

It is possible that the device or version of the operating system is not supported by the application. Another possible reason is that your account is set to a country where the service is not available.

For a forgotten password, we advise you to contact so you can get help as soon as possible.

To change the email you are registered with, we advise you to contact so you can get help as soon as possible.

Ensure that internet connectivity meets the requirement. If you do not find an answer to your question, we are ready to assist with 123.

A stable internet connectivity of at least 1 Mbit / s (5 Mbit / s for HD quality) is required. You can check the speed of the internet connection at and make sure it meets the requirement. Downloading files, browsing, etc. while viewing can also affect quality. Check the minimum requirements to make sure the service will work seamlessly on the device.

To be able to view the contents of PLAY Diema Xtra, in addition to active access to the service, you need an internet device that supports the application.

Check if your devices are among those that support PLAY Diema Xtra:


Android Phones, Android Tablets (Android 4.4 or higher).

PLAY Diema Xtra does not support devices that have been subject to unauthorized software interference.


iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Airplay app (iOS 8 or higher).

OCs that are subject to unauthorized software interference are not supported.


Windows 7 with SP2 and later versions


Apple TV
Airplay device