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You can buy e-vignette in one of our stores or on our website.

Buy e-vignette online

You can buy your e-vignette in 3 easy steps:

Choose the type of your vehicle

Enter the required information

Pay with a credit or debit card

In our stores

The customer must provide information about:

The type of the vehicle according to the given categories
The vehicle’s registration number (and emission class for the heavy goods vehicles)

You can pay either in cash, or with a debit/credit card

Additional information:

Vignette purchase is possible up to 30 days before the activation
Weekend vignettes shall be valid for one weekend from the selected validity date, starting at 12:00 AM on Friday and expiring at 11:59 PM on Sunday of the same week.
Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual vignette shall be valid from 00:00 PM on the relevant selected date, with the exception of electronic vignettes that were activated at the time of purchase.
When purchasing a weekly vignette, the voucher shall be valid from the moment you receive a confirmation SMS-receipt for successful activation.
In case the registration number was entered incorrectly, Telenor shall not responsible and the amount paid shall not be refunded.


An electronic vignette is issued for a specific vehicle and is payable after declaring its registration number.
The owner, user and / or third-party buyer shall be responsible for any incorrectly declared data on the registration number of the vehicle, its category or the period of validity of the vignette fee. In this case, after the information has already been submitted with any incorrectly declared data, it shall be considered that the corresponding vignette fee has not been paid for the corresponding vehicle.
In case of incorrectly entered data and already activated electronic vignette, the amount paid shall be non-refundable.
The starting date from which the validity period of an electronic vignette begins to run may not be later than 30 days from the date of purchase.
Category 1 and 2 heavy duty vehicles require purchasing of electronic vignettes until the introduction of the toll system – toll fee.
For Category 1 and Category 2 vehicles, it is necessary to indicate the emission class of the vehicle. The emission class is a European environmental standard indicating the value of the harmful emissions produced by each motor vehicle. Category 1 and Category 2 heavy duty trucks that meet the „EURO III“, „EURO IV“, „EURO V“ or „EEV“, can benefit from lower rates of vignette when their degree of environmental friendliness can be proved by relevant documents. For more information see Art. 10a, para. 7 of the Roads Act.а.

Telenor Bulgaria is the official sales representative of Concord Smart Infrastructure AD (CSI AD). CSI AD is entered in the Register of the National Providers of Electronic Toll Collection Services and has a contract concluded with the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA).

This is an electronic document (within the meaning of Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Law on the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services (LEDECS)). It certifies the payment of a vignette fee for the use of the paid road network in the Republic of Bulgaria for a certain period of time.

You can do it in a quick, easy, and safe manner – in our stores or online at: https://vignette.telenor.bg/bg/your-vignette

No, it cannot. Currently, we do not offer an option to include the payment of e-vignette in the monthly invoice.

If you enter your data incorrectly and activate an electronic vignette, you cannot recover the amount paid. Therefore, we advise you to be careful when entering your data.

Yes, the payment document is an "Electronic Vignette Receipt" and it will be sent to you by the email you specify. It contains the data you have entered: vehicle registration number, expiry date, start date of validity, vignette ID, car category and emission class (for heavy-duty vehicles over 3.5t and buses only).

Yes. Your vignette will be valid from the moment you pay and receive a PDF receipt, as confirmation of a successful purchase, at the email address you provided.

No, this is impossible. When making the payment, the vignette is activated and cannot be canceled / deactivated afterwards.

No. The presence of a valid vignette is monitored by means of fixed and mobile cameras that detect the registration numbers.

An electronic vignette is required for various categories of road transport vehicles (RTV) using the paid road network.

RTV Category 1 - heavy-duty vehicles with 2 or more axes and technically allowed maximum mass of 12 tons or more;
RTV Category 2 - heavy-duty vehicles with 2 axes and technically allowed maximum mass exceeding 3.5 up to 12 tons, as well as buses with more than 8 seats excluding driver's seat;

Heavy-duty vehicles between 3.5 tons and 2 tons are required to have an additional electronic vignette of the same category for the attached trailer. Buses (with more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat) are exempted from paying additional electronic vignette for a trailer.

RTV Category 3 light commercial vehicles with a technically allowed maximum mass of up to 3.5 tons;
RTV Category 3 trailers and caravans intended for towing.

*Motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, tricycles and ATVs do not require vignette fees to be paid.

You can choose start date of your vignette within next 30 days.

No, you cannot, since the vignette fee is a state fee and no VAT is charged on the amounts paid.

When you purchase an e-vignette, no information related to the client's profile will be displayed. The reason is that the purchase of an e-vignette is made through a separate page, which has no relation to whether the customer has logged in or not.