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Drivey 2G

9,99 BGN/month
Drivey 2G plan

Smart device for you and your car. Diagnostics, location and driving behavior – all in real time:


GPS location in real time

Monitor in real time the location of your vehicle on the map, be informed about the length of every trip, set traveling limits and analyze the tracking and positioning data before the next travel.

Driving behavior statistics

Get analysis of driving behavior such as accelerations, emergency stops, sharp turns, exceed of the speed limit and crashes. You have the option to set a maximum speed and get a notification by the application when it has been exceeded by the driver(s).

Car diagnostics

With Drivey is easier to monitor the engine temperature, voltage of the accumulator and fuel consumption. It will also facilitate the tracking of oil level by the setting a reminder.

Wi-Fi hotspot

You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the car. It allows you to stay connected and entertain during a long ride. *

*The functionality is available only for 4G devices.

Check if Drivey is compatible with your vehicle.

The full functionality of the service can be used by users with compatible cars with OBD II port – manufactured after 2003, according to the checklist available here.


With the mobile application Drivey by Telenor you get:

Notifications by starting up the engine of the vehicle.
Notification in case of risky driving behavior.
Notification regarding the vehicle condition.
Option for setting of traveling borders.

Download the app here:

Play the video to see how to install Drivey

Drivey is a smart device for you and your car that provides you with summarized information regarding the diagnostics, locations and driving behavior directly from board computer of your vehicle.

Drivey is available for you in two versions:
2G device with GPS functions;
4G device with GPS functions and Wi-Fi hotspot with 15000 MBs mobile internet.

Drivey is suitable for individuals and small to medium entities. This recondition is based on the limitation for tracking of up to 20 vehicles with one application.

You can buy Drivey only with subscription plan from Telenor. You can find more information regarding Drivey subscription plans here.

The functions of Drivey are active unlimited without additional charge in EU, Bulgaria and other countries in Europe for the GPS functions (to certain IP / URL). Outside the mentioned zones the service will not work. If you initially choose here to use the service at standard prices, the next time you enter the same zone you will have to change the already selected settings, if desired.

The additional data for surfing in amount of 15000 MBs accessible in Bulgaria and FUP 5300 MB /for 24-months contract/ and 7600 MB /for 12-months contract/ for EU are available only with 4G device.

If that happens, you can buy an addition package of mobile internet.

No. You can use the subscription only with OBD 2 device given by Telenor.

Yes. You may terminate the contract with Telenor earlier, before it has expired with payment of penalty for contract termination in amount of 3 monthly subscriptions. Since Telenor provides the OBD 2 device in case of pre-term termination, a penalty payment in due.

Yes, you can buy additional mobile internet from the mobile application only through the mobile internet provided by Drivey. Мore information regarding the additional mobile internet for the 4G device here.

No, after the contract is signed you cannot change its duration or switch 2G device with 4G or vise versa.

No, this is not necessary. In case of pre-term termination, a penalty payment is due.

No. With the renewal of your contract you will receive a new device.

The full functionality of Drivey can be used by compatible cars with OBD II port- manufactured after 2003, according to the checklist available here.

The OBD 2 port in located in different places depending on the make, model and year of production of your vehicle. It is usually located оn one of the following places:

No. The functions of the device are available only with subscription plan by Telenor.

No. The device is without additional payment with signing contract with subscription plan.

Yes. Telenor grants guarantee for the device. In case of problem Telenor repair center is authorized by the manufacturer to repair the device.

While switching the vehicles you should set the mobile application whether to keep the information from the initial vehicle.

Yes. One device can be used with numerous vehicles. Be aware that while unplugging and plugging the device on different vehicle you should set the mobile application whether to keep the information from the initial vehicle.

With the mobile application Drivey by Telenor you can register up to 20 vehicles.

You can connect up to 10 mobile devices in the Wi-Fi hotspot of Drivey 4G version.

Drivey has easy Plug & Play installation:
• Download the free mobile application Drivey by Telenor on your smartphone from Google store/App store and register with your phone number. You should choose the county first;
• Plug the device in the OBD 2 port of your vehicle;
• You will receive a code on SMS. Insert it in the application and accept the General terms and conditions;
• Synchronize the application with the device by scanning the QR code from the box;
You are ready!

You can find more information on how to pair your device and applicationhere.

Currently, Drivey can only be used my installing Telenor’s Drivey mobile app from the Google store/Apple store