10000 MB

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49,99 BGN

With your prepaid card from the starter pack for mobile internet you may buy data add-ons at http://lp.telenor.bg. The access to this page is free of charge and for the top up of your prepaid SIM card for purchasing of add-ons no MB are deducted and no activated data package is needed.

Validity: 30 days
10000 MB mobile internet

Activation of data add-ons

To activate an add-on, you may visit the page for add-on activation at http://lp.telenor.bg or send free of charge SMS to number 123 with text code for activation for the chosen add-on.

With your prepaid card from the prepaid pack for mobile internet you may use data add-ons, bought at http://lp.telenor.bg. After selecting the option “Buy”, the add-on, you have chosen, is activated and its validity period commences.

After depletion of the initially included MB, respectively the MB included in activated add-ons, you will be automatically redirected to the page http://lp.telenor.bg, where you will have the option to purchase data add-on with MB and to continue surfing at maximum speed, or in case the validity of the initially included MB or MB included in activated add-ons is not reached – to continue surfing at  speed up to 64 kbps until the validity of the current MBs (initially included or from add-ons) expires.

Balance check

At any time and free of charge, using the provided SIM card, you may check the balance of the remaining MBpackages, as well as their validity period, by sending a free SMS with text “GC” to number 125 from your mobile phone or tablet, or by visiting the page http://lp.telenor.bg. On this page, you may also find information on the number of the available initially included data packages.

For your comfort, Telenor will be sending SMS messages to the card that is provided with the prepaid data pack, when you’ve used up 70% of the present data package, as well as when it is depleted or its validity period has expired.

Charging principles

Charging of mobile internet within the country is rounded up to 1 КВ, with initial charging 100 KB (1 GB = 1024 MB; 1 MB = 1024 KB).

The access to the page http://lp.telenor.bg is free of charge, when using the present prepaid SIM card. There are no MB used up for its top up or add-on activation and there is no need of an active data package for mobile internet to access it.

All prices shown are VAT inclusive.

The Telenor current active price list for prepaid services and packages, published on the www.telenor.bg website, is applied to all cases/prices, not described above.

The prepaid add-on for mobile internet may not be used in roaming.