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Telenor customers who pay their monthly bills or top up prepaid accounts with card via MyTelenor app are now eligible for receiving extra megabytes. By utilizing Telenor’s digital self-serve channels clients are not only saving time but are playing for a chance to earn bonus megabytes for card payments made between January 15 and March 15. Every successful bill payment or top up can win customers additional megabytes. MyTelenor offers a completed overhauled payments system with support for debit and credit cards. In just a few clicks customers can also pay the bill or top up other users’
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Telenor will start accepting preorders for the new Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+ and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones right after the Unpacked event. Мore powerful and beautiful than ever the brand new Series S flagmans are available for preorders here starting today, with sales starting on January 29, a minute past midnight. Telenor offers Samsung Galaxy S21 for BGN 1199.99 with a two-year subscription for Total+ 52.99 or on a two-year lease for BGN 54.99 per month with the same tariff. Samsung Galaxy S21+ costs BGN 1519,99 with a two-year subscription for Total+ 52.99 or BGN
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Telenor gave a start to “Samsung Month” with promotional offers for Samsung smartphones and an additional bonus for “Buyback” purchases of selected models. All devices of the brand offered by the operator are at great prices, and customers can take advantage of a wide variety of combinations with different accessories by February 2nd. The Samsung A51 and Samsung A71 models are offered with an additional bonus -- BGN 100 added to the purchase price of a smartphone returned under the conditions of Telenor’s “Buyback” service. The offer is only valid for private customers’ purchases in Telenor
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Telenor crafted special offer for the upcoming name days in January for all its e-shop buyers to run from Jordanovden, January 6, to Atanassovden, January 18. Everyone will have a choice of selected smartphone models and smart gadgets at promotional conditions only in Telenor e-shop . A great “Happy name day” gift idea! Everyone can surprise relatives and friends with a present, with a few clicks, easily and with convenience at a tempting price. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians will celebrate their name after in January - one of the months with most name days in the calendar. In January
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In relation with the expiration of the transition period following the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, we inform our customers that at present no changes to the roaming charges are planned as of January 1, 2021. All Telenor customers will use roaming services with the UK under the current conditions valid for the "EU Zone". Telenor customers will be notified at least 30 days in advance in case of any changes. Complete and up-to-date information about the prices and conditions of Telenor's roaming services are available on our website .
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Telenor would like to inform and warn about the numerous recent attempts for defrauding users (phishing) and for fraudulent personal data collection with fake websites and email messages in which Telenor logo and trademarks have been unlawfully used. Telenor has taken the necessary actions to stop these fraudulent activities and is co-operating with the respective authorities for the apprehension of the perpetrators behind these attempts. Telenor also advises its clients to carefully inspect the content of such messages and to not offer their personal information to suspicious parties. In
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