Telenor Bulgaria wins the Grand Prize at the B2B Media Awards 2021

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Telenor Bulgaria wins the Grand Prize at the B2B Media Awards 2021

Vladimir Hristov, Director of Private Client Marketing and Product Development of the company, has been named "Business Leader of the Year"

Telenor Bulgaria is this year's winner of the Grand Prize in the annual awards of b2b Media .The award is given to a company that has tackled the challenges of the complex environment in the context of the 2020 pandemic in an innovative way and is successful, regardless of the challenges.

Telenor was recognised in another important category during a crisis. Vladimir Hristov, Director of Private Client Marketing and Product Development, has been named Business Leader of the Year. Vladimir Hristov manages the company's innovative services and their introduction to the market, as well as a team of product marketers responsible for numerous categories of products and services throughout their life cycle. Under his leadership, the Business Sales Unit attained high growth and results in the segment, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has won awards in three more categories: two first prizes for its innovative Digital Office application in the Technological Innovation of the Year category and Mobile Innovation category. Digital Office provides companies with a solution for internal corporate communication and management and digitalization of internal processes. The company also won second place in the category "Community branding campaign" with the initiative to present 5G on the Bulgarian market in a way that actively involves and trains key communities in the country. At the official launch of its 5G network on June 10 this year, during a special event in Burgas, Telenor demonstrated record speeds, quality and capacity with a series of attractive tests, conducted in parallel through several 5G applications.

"For me, the Business Leader of the Year award is a recognition of the entire team we work with to achieve results through continuous self-improvement," said Vladimir Hristov, Director of Private Client Marketing and Product Development."This award is a request that we will continue to be the most preferred choice of our customers for products and services in combination with excellent customer service,", he added.

The b2b Media Awards competition recognizes the best and resilient companies in the field of corporate social responsibility, innovation and sustainable behaviour, which show ingenious programs, flexibility, innovation, successful strategies and care for society and its employees in their efforts to overcome of crisis circumstances.

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