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Welcome to the Corporate Responsibility page of Telenor.

Here you will find a wealth of information about our activities connected with the sustainable development of the company and of society.

Corporate responsibility is at the core of our philosophy to develop business in a sustainable and transparent manner. Our goal is to maximize the impact of telecommunication technology by creating added value, both for business and for society. We believe that the mobile phone can transform human life by making information, as well as social, health and financial services much more accessible to everyone. This is one of the main objectives of the company – to provide the benefits of mobile communications to as many people as possible. Thus, the opportunities for society’s growth and development increase.

Telenor puts the focus on sustainable initiatives that add value in the long term and are based on the core competency of the company, namely communications. Moreover, we strive to further society’s development through targeted investment and long-term partnerships, which will lead to sustainable social change. You can learn more about them from our annual corporate responsibility report, as well as from the information presented in the four main areas below:







See our 2013 Corporate responsibility report