Prepaid data package GLOBUL GoWeb 2000

With the prepaid package GLOBUL GoWeb 2000 and your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you get 2000 MB at maximum speed and you may surf the net fast, wherever you wish in the operator coverage zones, without monthly fees.

Price of the package:

9,90 BGN VAT incl.
The package includes:
1 SIM card
Initially included 2000 MB at maximum speed, valid for 7 days as of the first internet session and after receiving a confirmation SMS
Top up option and possibility to purchase additional packages with megabytes at maximum speed

Services, which you may use with

GLOBUL GoWeb 2000:

Mobile internet
Sending SMS and MMS
Voice and other mobile services via you smartphone or tablet *

* Important: In order to use the full service package on your prepaid SIM card (incoming and outgoing voice calls and other mobile services), first you need to register the card by submitting a standard application to the operator.

Activation and validity period

Your SIM card is automatically activated during your first internet session. From this moment on, you get a 12-month initial validity period. The validity period is automatically renewed at credit top-up, depending on the value of the top-up.

Important: If the validity period of the SIM card is not renewed, the card will be automatically deactivated after its expiration and you will no longer be able to use this mobile number. In this case, the available credit balance, as well as all unused MB, are all lost.

The validity of the credit upon each top up is different depending on the top-up value. If no top up is made during the credit’s validity period, the credit is lost.

Credit top-up

You may easily top-up your balance (sum in BGN) and used it for purchase of additional data packages, sending SMS or MMS.

See all available ways for credit top up

Information about the conditions and rules for prolonging the validity periods of the card and credit upon top up you may findhere.

Activation of additional data packages

To activate an additional package, you may visit the page for data packages’ activation at

Additional packageGoWeb 2000GoWeb 3000
Included МВ at maximum speed20003000
Validity (days)730
Price (BGN)6.9019.90

All prices are VAT inclusive.

With your prepaid card from the package GLOBUL GoWeb 2000 you may buy data packages at The access to this page is free of charge and for the top up of your prepaid SIM card for purchasing of additional package no MB are deducted and no activated data package is needed.

After depletion of the initially included MB, respectively the MB included in the additional package, until their validity expire and in case a new additional package is not purchased, the connection speed is decreased to 64 kbps.

With the start package GLOBUL GoWeb 2000 you get included data traffic, which is valid for the first 7 days, counted from the first internet session. The price of this traffic is included in the price of the package and there are no extra fees for it.

After depletion or validity expiration of the initially included 2000 MB at maximum speed, as well as the included MB in the additional data package, you will be automatically redirected to the page for data packages activation at

On this page you may buy an additional package with MB in order to continue surfing at maximum speed, or in case the validity period of the initially included MB in the additional package is not expired – you may surf at a lower speed until the validity of the MB expire.

When selecting the option “Buy”, the package, which you have chosen, is activated and its validity period commences.

The minimum initial data charging is 100 KB, after which it is rounded up to 1 КВ.


You can check the remaining MB from the current data package or check their validity free of charge while using your included in the prepaid package SIM card by one of the following methods:

  • By free SMS with text GC to number 125, send by your smartphone or tablet
  • Via the page for data packages’ activation at