What data we process upon the privacy policy of the authentication solution

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This is the information needed to create an account in the Solution in order to use it.
See the data:
Mobile number (MSISDN);
(Added on 11.03.2020) Email address;
One time password for access (one-time-pin);
User password (hashed);
User ID in the Solution.

In case a user has registered an account with MSISDN for which Telenor provides electronic communications services, Telenor will also process specific information about the user as a user of electronic communications services. The processing of this data is intended to ensure a high level of information security when accessing information and/or the functionalities of Telenor digital services that use the Solution for the purposes of user authentication.

Personal identification number (ЕГН), if MSISDN belongs to an individual;
Client number;

These are user account settings that reflect the selection of certain parameters or functionalities, or that are applied by default if the user has not made a choice.

Such data are the settings for the “remember me” functionality, password change, etc.

This is automatically generated data that contains information about how users use the Solution.

Such data are:
Date and time of failed and successful login attempts for a user;
A digital service where a user has logged in or failed to log in;
A browser through which a user has logged in or failed to log in;