Categories of persons to whom we disclose users` personal data in the sense of privacy policy upon the authentication solution

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Personal data processors are persons who process personal data on behalf of and as ordered by Telenor on the basis of a written agreement. They may not process the provided personal data for purposes other than the performance of the tasks assigned to them by Telenor. The processors are obliged to follow all Telenor instructions.

Telenor takes the required steps to ensure that the processors involved comply strictly with the personal data protection laws and with the instructions of Telenor and that they have undertaken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.
An example of personal data processors is the providers of deployment and/or maintenance of information systems who sometimes need to access the personal data processed in the relevant systems for the purposes of accessing and operating the Solution.

To enable the users to use the Solution for authentication in third party digital services, Telenor concludes contracts with them (partners). The respective Partners need therefore to receive personal data of the users for the authentication process to take place.

The provision of data to competent authorities is described above.

In the case of transformation of Telenor, as well as in case of transfer of assets in accordance with the applicable legislation, it is possible that the personal data of the users will be provided to a third party – successor.