Definitions in the sense of privacy policy upon campaigns

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In practice, this means any information that identifies a specific natural person or which relates to a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified.

The types of personal data are: basic data for registration: Participant’s names provided by him/her when (s)he states his/her desire to participate in the Campaign; data regarding communication with Participants: e-mail, mobile phone number; data in relation to giving the prizes to the winners in the Campaign; data provided/used upon participation/inclusion in the Campaign.

Basic data are:
Full name;
Age limit, if determined in the rules and terms and condition for conducting the Campaign.
Other data stipulated in the specific Campaign.

These are data which are processed in relation to the communication between Telenor and the Participants in the Campaign in view of the specific conditions of the same. Example: In case that some of the Participants in a Campaign related to awarding a prize are drawn and selected to be the winners in the Campaign, Telenor will get in contact with them by calls/messages in relation to the receipt of the respective announced prize.

Such data are:
Basic data for registration of the Participant;
Participant’s contact information (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number) and others;

These are data which are processed while conducting Campaigns for which prize money has been stipulated. The processing of such data is necessary in order to send or receive the respective prize to/by the Participant who has been drawn and selected the winner of such prize. These are the data which are processed for the purpose of preparation and issuance of a Certificate under article 35 in relation to article 45, paragraph 7 of Income taxes on natural persons act as well as for the purpose of keeping a copy thereof for the periods stipulated in the statutory acts.

Such data are:
Names of the selected successful Participant;
Personal identification number [EGN], personal number (for foreigners );
Address at which the prize is to be received / stating an address of a trade outlet and the Certificate.
Data about the attorney (if the prize is received by an attorney) and his/her power of attorneybr>

Personal data which the Participants choose on their own to provide to Telenor in order to participate in a Campaign or which Telenor has stated as necessary for the inclusion in the Campaign. The provision of such data is voluntary but without them Telenor may reject the participation in the Campaign and/or the awarding of the prizes announced in the respective Campaign.

Such data are:
Basic data for registration;
Data which are used so that Telenor can assess whether a person can be included in a campaign;
Photo material, a video clip and others depending on the Conditions of the Campaign.

Campaigns are separately organized initiatives of Telenor with clearly defined purposes and period of conducting, e.g. ones related to stating in advance one’s desire to purchase/hire-purchase devices, participation in campaigns to win prizes, participation in various initiatives of Telenor without prize money, etc.

Processing of personal data means any use of personal data.

Processing of personal data are for example the actions of:
Destruction, etc.

Telenor Bulgaria EAD, company ID number [EIK] 130460283, having its domicile and registered office at building 6, Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4 Residential Estate, city of Sofia, postal code 1766.

A natural person who has registered/has been included for participation or who has otherwise requested to participate in a Campaign.

Anonymization is an operation alternative to the deletion or destruction of personal data. By such an operation all elements which directly or indirectly identify a person are irretrievably removed. Anonymized data are not personal data.

If the personal data regarding a Participant in our possession are as follows:
Name: Ivan Ivanov
Age: 43 years;
Address: city of Sofia, 99th Street, apartment house 1083, apartment 100,
After an anonymization operation is made they might look thus
Name: ****;
Age: 40-60 years;
Address: city of Sofia.

Upon a restriction on processing Telenor may only store the relevant personal data unless: (а) the user has given his/her consent; or (b) data processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; (c) data processing is necessary for the protection of the rights of another natural person; or (d) there are important grounds of public interest for the Republic of Bulgaria or the European Union.

These are the terms and conditions applicable for a Campaign and governing: (а) the subject matter of the Campaign; (b) the terms and conditions for participation/inclusion in the Campaign; (c) the mechanism of conducting the Campaign, including the duration of the Campaign; (d) prize money, if stipulated, etc.