How we collect personal data about users

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Как събираме лични данни

Telenor collects personal data in different ways. In most cases we receive information directly from users upon and on the occasion of the conclusion and performance of the contracts with them. Certain data are generated automatically when the users use the services of Telenor, and sometimes the data are provided to Telenor by third parties or are received from other sources such as public registers.

We collect personal data directly from the users:
In pre-contractual relations with them (when a user expresses his/her desire to enter into a contract with Telenor or to register a prepaid card);
Upon the conclusion of an individual contract for mobile and/or landline services with Telenor;
Upon the registration of cards for prepaid services;
Upon the conclusion of a lease agreement or a contract for purchase of goods with Telenor;
Upon the conclusion of other contracts with Telenor;
Upon or on the occasion of the performance, amendment, supplementation or termination of a contract concluded between Telenor and users (upon fulfillment of user’s requests, when performing customer servicing in case of submitted complaint, upon payment of liabilities, upon refilling a prepaid card, etc.)

Data, which are automatically generated and collected when the users use the services of Telenor, are traffic data and location data (e.g. when making a phone call, sending a short text message or a mobile internet session). Such are also the summarized data on consumption.

We collect personal data on users from third parties:
In relation to the provision of the service “telephone number portability” from or within Telenor’s network. In such cases data are provided by the “donor” or “recipient” provider;
Upon the receipt of calls, short text messages or data which are generated by the networks of other providers and are terminated in Telenor’s network. in such cases the data are provided by the providers with whom Telenor has a point of interconnection;
Upon provision of services in roaming, in the networks of the relevant roaming partners (i.e. the mobile operators whose networks have served the user who has used services in roaming) traffic data are generated and provided to Telenor for the purposes of billing the user ;
When providing the “Pay with Telenor” service. In such cases the data are provided to Telenor by the relevant digital store;
Upon provision of digital services by our partners or value-added services;
Upon or on the occasion of inspections made by competent state or municipal authorities. In such cases the data are provided by the relevant authorities;
Upon the receipt of a request for provision of data on a user(s) made by a competent authority subject to the proper established procedure;
Upon or on the occasion of the process of collection of liabilities payable by the users. In such cases the data may be received by public registers or publicly accessible sources, by/through the courts or by/through the court enforcement authorities.

Upon the provision of the “Pay with Telenor“ service, data are provided by Apple (regarding iTunes, App Store and Apple Music) or Google (regarding Google Play);
Upon the provision of the “Capture” digital service, data are provided to Telenor by Telenor Digital AS;

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