Categories of persons to whom we disclose participants` personal data for the mobile application MyTelenor

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In connection with the travel insurance "Smart Tourist" it is necessary to exchange data between Telenor and Chubb European Group CE.

Personal data processors are entities that process personal data on behalf of and upon assignment by Telenor based on a written agreement. They are not entitled to process the personal data provided thereto for purposes other than for execution of the work assigned by Telenor. Processors must comply with all instructions given by Telenor.

Telenor undertakes the necessary measures to ensure that the engaged processors strictly adhere to Telenor's personal data protection laws and instructions and that they have undertaken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.

Examples of personal data processors:
Providers of services for the implementation and/ or maintenance of information systems that are sometimes required to access personal data processed in the relevant systems for the purpose of access to and operation of the Application;
Providers of electronic authentication services, in case of using an electronic signature for signing documents related to Telenor's products and services (if applicable);
Law firms, accountancy houses or other providers of consultancy services.

In order to provide access to the Application and certain services through it, Telenor enters into contracts with third parties (partners). In this connection, it is sometimes necessary to provide personal data of MyTelenor users to the relevant partners.

(Amended and supplemented on March 20, 2019, repealed on October 13, 2020)

In connection with the payment service to MyTelenor users through the Application, it is necessary to exchange data between Telenor and the respective bank or payment institution.

The provision of data to the competent authorities is described above.

In case of reorganization of Telenor as well as in case of transfer of assets in accordance with the applicable law, it is possible that the personal data of MyTelenor users administered by Telenor is provided to a third party – legal successor.