How we collect personal data in the mobile application MyTelenor

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For and in connection with the use of the Application, Telenor collects user data in various ways. In most cases, we get information directly from them. Certain data is generated automatically when users use the application, and sometimes data is provided to Telenor by third parties.

We collect data directly from users:
When registering in the Application or when logging in the Application;
Upon activation/ deactivation of packages or services through the Application;
When paying bills, or respectively - recharging prepaid cards;
(Supplemented on May 16, 2019) Upon selection or change of settings in the Application;
When using the service location of the nearest store.
(Supplemented on June 17, 2020) When managing the travel insurance "Smart Tourist" through the Application;
(Supplemented on December 4, 2020) When documents are electronically signed through the Application.

Automatically generated data are:
User data;
Bills data;
Credit data;
Current consumption data;
MyTelenor usage data;
Device data; (Supplemented on May 16, 2019) The Settings data in case the users haven’t changed them;
(Supplemented on May 16, 2019) Plan data.
(Supplemented on June 17, 2020) Country and stay roaming data.
(Supplemented on October 13, 2020) Data on level of authorization;
(Supplemented on October 13, 2020) Aggregated information for the use of the “Online protect” Service.
(Supplemented on December 4, 2020) Data relating to generated documents;
(Supplemented on December 4, 2020) Electronic signature data.

Data that we receive from third parties:
 (Amended on March 20, 2019, repealed on October 13, 2020)
If the consumer has chosen to keep credit or debit card information in the Application for subsequent payments, Telenor receives from a bank or payment institution (our partner) the following limited information: card type (e.g. Visa or Mastercard); the last four digits of the card number; validity (month and year) of the card; unique card number (token);
Information whether or not the payment of a bill or a prepaid card payment made through the Application, is successful. This information is obtained from the bank or payment institution that serves the transaction in question;
Analytical audience measurement data we receive from third parties (Google Analytics);
Analytical error data in the Application we receive from third parties (Firebase Crashlytics);
User data that we receive from the competent authorities when exercising their powers;
(Supplemented on June 17, 2020) Data about the Insureds, which we receive from the User, in connection with the travel insurance "Smart Tourist".

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