How we protect participants` personal data in the mobile application MyTelenor

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Creating and maintaining trust between us and our users is a major strategic priority for Telenor. Therefore, protecting our systems and personal data is paramount for our users as well as for Telenor. Our main goal is to make users feel "in safe hands" when they use Telenor's products and services. In accordance with the requirements of current laws and good practice, Telenor takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data of users are safe.

To ensure consumer privacy, Telenor uses state-of-the-art technologies combined with uncompromising security controls. Our framework is based on some of the most popular security standards (ISO27001: 2013, etc.).

In order to ensure maximum data protection, many policies that regulate data processing are adopted at Telenor. Various mechanisms (encryption, anonymization, pseudonymization, etc.) apply to both data in transit and data at rest.

Telenor has appointed a Data Protection Officer and specialized departments that take care of information security and fraud protection. They support the processes for safeguarding and securing the security of personal data, as well as monitoring their compliance.

The application allows setting an additional personal PIN code. The 4-digit PIN to protect access to the User Defined Application is required and should be entered by the user each time the application is opened. In case of five unsuccessful attempts to enter the additional PIN, the relevant session for the mobile number registered on the respective device is terminated and all data stored on the device is deleted.

Access to the Application of the relevant mobile number user is terminated in certain cases of user profile changes (e.g. switching from prepaid to subscription services, the General Terms, and Conditions for use of MyTelenor Mobile Application etc.).

If the user has not been active and has not used the Application for more than 3 months, the user will be automatically excluded from the Application in order to provide protection for his or her personal data. In this case, the user will need to re-enter his/ her mobile number and a new verification code obtained for this purpose (see also We process data to ensure access to the Application)

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