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Welcome to MyTelenor – the official mobile application of “Telenor Bulgaria” EAD. With this application we provide you with a fast and convenient way to manage your mobile number – everywhere and anytime.

Security and proper use of personal data is of utmost importance both to our users and to Telenor. It is therefore important for us that out users understand why and how we process their personal data in connection with the use of the Application.

This Privacy Policy is intrinsically linked to the General Terms and Conditions of use of MyTelenor Mobile [available in the menu of General Terms from the User’s profile], but does not form an integral part thereto. It does not regulate rights and obligations, but it is rather intended to explain to consumers what personal data we process, why and how we do this, including when we need to disclose personal data to third parties. It also provides information on the rights consumers have in relation to the processing of personal data by Telenor.

(Supplemented on August 23, 2019) MyTelenor app uses the Telenor Bulgaria authentication solution, which allows simple, secure and hassle-free authentication (log-in) in the digital services of Telenor or its Partners. In connection with its operation Telenor will process user data according to the Privacy policy of Telenor Bulgaria authentication solution.

Since the application is intended for use only by Telenor mobile services users and allows them to manage their mobile number (e.g., to be informed about available credit, remaining consumption and/ or current account, pay monthly bills, recharge prepaid cards, activate additional packages, etc.), the user data will be processed according to the Privacy Policy of Telenor Bulgaria EAD.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the data processed for and in relation to the use of the MyTelenor application. Telenor may run campaigns through the app (for example, pre-ordering to purchase a device). In such cases, Telenor will process users’ personal data also in accordance with the Privacy Policy for conducting campaigns.

For the sake of clarity and convenience for users, at some places in this Privacy Policy are given examples that illustrate why and/ or how Telenor processes the user's personal data. These examples are not part of this Privacy Policy and are not exhaustive.

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