Entry into force and updating of this policy

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Информация за връзка с Теленор, Влизане в сила и актуализиране на тази политика за личните данни

This Policy was most recently updated on 10 August 2018 and is effective as from 20 August 2018..

This Policy may be amended or supplemented because of amendments to the applicable legislation, on the initiative of Telenor, the persons referred, the applicants or a competent authority (e.g. Personal Data Protection Commission).

Telenor shall inform the applicants of the amendments or supplementations of this Personal Data Policy within a period not shorter than 7 (seven) days before their entry into force by:
publishing the updated Personal Data Policy on Telenor’s website at www.telenor.bg; and
notifying the applicants by sending them, via e-mail, a link to the website where the updated version of this Policy is published.

It is recommended that applicants regularly check the most up-to-date version of this Policy on Telenor’s website.

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